Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Love Creating Shrines

For the past few years I was inspired to create small shrines to give honor to all that is Divine, Our Lord, Blessed Mother, Angels and Saints and love creating them.

Recently I created some new designs, besides the locket shrines I created, I also created some that are visible, the pocket statues are inside a glass dome, which I also include a piece of broken rosaries inside.

 I love antique rosaries and when I am able to create a piece using broken rosaries, I create with the utmost respect and use them to give them a new life and they carry the love and prayers of the previous owners and that is why I love to add them to my creations

Here are my newest creations.  In one as I was taking a picture before finishing the necklace, the St. Therese Shrine, I noticed in the picture some sort of reflection on top of the glass and continued to take pictures but, what I thought it was reflections, appears to be some sort of mist, which is not the first time I create a piece honoring St. Therese that a mist appears.   Upon closer look at the picture and enhancing it, I was able to see some faces, some appear to be Saints, one in particular is Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, which I happen to have a piece of cloth touched to his relic and I also touch my jewelry to his relic.  I will include a picture on the bottom.

The first pictures are of the finished necklaces now available in my Etsy store

This last picture of the Shrine Dome of St. Therese before creating the necklace, where the mist appears in all of the images and next is a picture of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, which I believe appears in the mist, next to St. Therese's face of pocket statue.