Thursday, July 21, 2016

Over a year ago I had a vision, while I was awake, that I was transported to the universe, I could see myself floating outside in the universe and could see everything so beautiful, I could see the nebulas in different colors like the rainbow and could see lights shining so brightly and I was just in awe and then from the nebulas I could see people coming out of them, all of the sudden I felt this surge of energy and joy that I could not explain, I just felt this tremendous feeling of joy knowing I was with God, then I found myself back to my body and I felt so much peace.

Ever since that experience I have seen lights, different colors and sizes even with my eyes closed, as soon as I close my eyes to pray or go to sleep, these beautiful colorful lights and at times, what appears to be clouds of different colors and I could feel so much peace.

Many times when I see a white light I see Our Blessed Mother and at times Our Lord Jesus Christ coming out of the light and I have noticed too that whenever I pray for someone for healing, I hear from those people of the result of their healing.

I am still in awe about all this experience and I did take long to share it because I still can't make much of it, except that God and Our Blessed Mother has granted me a new Grace and I am bringing it forth to help others in healing.

Last night that same white light appeared and I saw Our Precious Infant of Prague coming out of the light.  I want at this point interpret about these beautiful experiences or if They will be bringing me messages.

I am still learning more about these experiences, I felt I needed to share now.

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