Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mary's Way of the Cross

This week I wanted to post something spiritual and reflecting on Our Lord's Sacrifice and Our Blessed Mother's Sorrows and also reflecting on our own personal life and how to make changes but my mind was completely blocked and could not think on anything.

Today I received an email from Rick, a great return buyer from my store and stated he felt he needed to share "Mary's Way of the Cross", narrated by Angelina cd but didn't know why.

I was completely amazed on him sharing and I looked it up and found these amazing videos that are perfect for what I wanted to listen and share this week.  I am forever grateful to him for being the messenger and trusting his heart to share with me even if he didn't know why.

They are amazing, very moving and touching to helps to reflect within and try to mirror ourselves in Mary.

This is the first of three

This is the second of three

This is the last one

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