Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is to create a Catholic Religious Piece of Jewelry for me

.  It is a dedication for the Love of God, the Blessed Mother, Angels and Saints and not as a fashion statement, or that you will be making money, it’s more than that.

When I first began my journey with my creations based on a special vision I had several years ago, I didn’t realize the responsibility, if I may say that, that will come with creating a piece to touch someone’s life.  I realized it was part of my mission but never realized my journey to begin.

As time passed and I felt that God really had this mission for me and that is when another  Spiritual journey began for me and there were times, I have to be honest, I felt maybe it wasn’t for me, because the spiritual warfare also began and there were times when I felt I should just try something else, maybe God had something else planned for me.  There were times when I didn’t have any money to buy the supplies but God provided sending earth angels to send me free supplies and medals and I am forever thankful to those earth angels and those beautiful earth angels are still around and from time to time, I still get supplies or relic pieces to be able to touch my jewelry to benefit others.

With time I realized I had so much to learn and experience on that Spiritual journey and warfare that made me stronger in faith and I wasn't realizing it at the moment but now I can say, I understand why we have to go through what we do.

When I receive an email from a buyer on how a piece made their faith stronger, how a loved one was touched by a piece, when people share their own turmoil in life, like losing a love one,  a mother losing a child by drowning, people diagnosed with cancer, divorce, losing a job, I realized that was part of my journey as well, having the faith and strength to encourage them, provide prayers, refer them to where they will get some help and I also thank all those earth angels I have met on Facebook as well, always ready to provide assistance or prayers.

I am also forever grateful to all my customers that have kept me strong and also in their prayers.  I will always appreciate them.

I thank God and Our Blessed Mother for loving me and not letting go of my hand and guide me.

I felt the inspiration to share with you part of my experience and I know there are many other artisans of religious jewelry or art that are also part of God’s way to help others through their own art and love.