Sunday, December 7, 2014

Newest Creations

I had been inspired to create rustic style jewelry using lead-free solder and it has been a challenge learning the process but I love the end result and it is an amazing experience.

While I'm creating one of these pieces, I get lost in time with each piece and I really don't have a plan or a design in mind when I begin each piece, I just start with the basic solder and it just flows and I am always in awe at the end result, like my hands are just guided and everything falls into place.

Here are just few of the latest creations

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrating Mother's Day with Our Blessed Mother Bracelets

This week I created several bracelets honoring Our Blessed Mother for Mother's Day.  Each one with it's own inspiration but same love and devotion.

One honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe using a beautiful pink and white cameo of Our Lady of Guadalupe, beautiful large blue enamel medal of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and among beads I added pink polymer clay roses

Another bracelet is honoring Our Lady of Miraculous Medal using vintage medals and bracelet
Another bracelet honoring Our Lady of Perpetual Help using a stunning large medal of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and adding a brass crown.  I used natural Mother of Pearl beads and beautiful lucite trumpet flowers 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mary's Way of the Cross

This week I wanted to post something spiritual and reflecting on Our Lord's Sacrifice and Our Blessed Mother's Sorrows and also reflecting on our own personal life and how to make changes but my mind was completely blocked and could not think on anything.

Today I received an email from Rick, a great return buyer from my store and stated he felt he needed to share "Mary's Way of the Cross", narrated by Angelina cd but didn't know why.

I was completely amazed on him sharing and I looked it up and found these amazing videos that are perfect for what I wanted to listen and share this week.  I am forever grateful to him for being the messenger and trusting his heart to share with me even if he didn't know why.

They are amazing, very moving and touching to helps to reflect within and try to mirror ourselves in Mary.

This is the first of three

This is the second of three

This is the last one

Thursday, April 10, 2014


This week I was inspired to create a couple of bracelets with the Nostalgia of past times when pictures were black and white.

Maybe a reminiscence time where I believe there was more fervor in praying and getting closer to all Divine.
For some reason those pictures do bring a very sensitive part of me.  Sensitive in the sense of being in touch with the Spiritual more.

I have always loved antiques and the pictures I used on these couple of bracelets bring that feel to them.

One I created honoring Our Lady of Sorrows

In this bracelet I used a beautiful image of Our Lady of Sorrows in black and white adorned with clear rhinestones.  Using beautiful white foil glass hears, to express Her Love for humanity that She accepted being Mother to Our Lord and knowing His Sacrifice for humanity, and black and white lampwork glass beads.

I incorporated pink roses also representing Her Love and a reminder that Her Love will always be with us.

Another bracelet I created is honoring Our Lady of Lourdes

Also using a beautiful image of Our Lady of Lourdes in black and white and adorned with clear rhinestones as well.

I created a beautiful pendant using a vintage brooch, converted into pendant, and adding a vintage medal of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and adorned with clear rhinestones to make the medal stand out.

On this bracelet the colors are more subtle using beautiful smokey lavender, very unique color, beads and beautiful Earth tone Czech. glass beads to accent the white pearls and to make the pendant stand out more, I used a beautiful handcrafted red rose created by my daughter-in-law, Ya-Ya.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is to create a Catholic Religious Piece of Jewelry for me

.  It is a dedication for the Love of God, the Blessed Mother, Angels and Saints and not as a fashion statement, or that you will be making money, it’s more than that.

When I first began my journey with my creations based on a special vision I had several years ago, I didn’t realize the responsibility, if I may say that, that will come with creating a piece to touch someone’s life.  I realized it was part of my mission but never realized my journey to begin.

As time passed and I felt that God really had this mission for me and that is when another  Spiritual journey began for me and there were times, I have to be honest, I felt maybe it wasn’t for me, because the spiritual warfare also began and there were times when I felt I should just try something else, maybe God had something else planned for me.  There were times when I didn’t have any money to buy the supplies but God provided sending earth angels to send me free supplies and medals and I am forever thankful to those earth angels and those beautiful earth angels are still around and from time to time, I still get supplies or relic pieces to be able to touch my jewelry to benefit others.

With time I realized I had so much to learn and experience on that Spiritual journey and warfare that made me stronger in faith and I wasn't realizing it at the moment but now I can say, I understand why we have to go through what we do.

When I receive an email from a buyer on how a piece made their faith stronger, how a loved one was touched by a piece, when people share their own turmoil in life, like losing a love one,  a mother losing a child by drowning, people diagnosed with cancer, divorce, losing a job, I realized that was part of my journey as well, having the faith and strength to encourage them, provide prayers, refer them to where they will get some help and I also thank all those earth angels I have met on Facebook as well, always ready to provide assistance or prayers.

I am also forever grateful to all my customers that have kept me strong and also in their prayers.  I will always appreciate them.

I thank God and Our Blessed Mother for loving me and not letting go of my hand and guide me.

I felt the inspiration to share with you part of my experience and I know there are many other artisans of religious jewelry or art that are also part of God’s way to help others through their own art and love.