Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aborted Babies and Limbo

I know this may be a controversial topic speaking of babies, or better yet, aborted babies and limbo.

 For many years, I believed that all babies that died so tragically, specially aborted babies, will transcend into heaven to the hands of Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus because they are without sin and this has also been a debate in religion but I don't believe they go to limbo based on if they were baptized or not, which it does matter but I see abortion as a sacrifice of these innocent souls.

An abortion is taking the life of a beautiful soul created by God and making that soul suffer the agony of horrific pain, having their limbs torn to pieces, pure evil torture and that is exactly what I am heading, about the evil behind all these abortions.

If people think a fetus has no life or soul, why does he/she grows, breaths, eats and in many cases fight for his/her life in the womb when being aborted.

For years intermittently I have been shown limbo or purgatory, this awful place and that all those people need prayer and someone to guide them out of there into the light of Our Lord and Blessed Mother but I had never experienced babies until recently.

 For over a month now Our Lord and Blessed Mother have been showing me these babies being in limbo, pure evil lurking there, darkness, ash, mud and these evil spirits holding on to these beautiful souls because their parents sacrificed these souls and evil spirits will take the soul immediately specially if no one is praying for them.  This place is not like hell, there is no fire, only ash, mud, awful smell and darkness with evil entities.  When I say sacrificed, they may have not done it ritually, but when they want to give them up in such a horrific way, I consider it sacrifice.

My recent experiences have been being there seeing these babies in this ashy place with evil spirits and it just broke my heart and a rude awakening for me being able to see and experience this horrific ordeal for these beautiful souls.  In some instances I had received messages for prayer to help these babies transcend and in some instances I see myself carrying these babies out of that horrific place and of course, without a fight because these entities want to keep them.

Lets unite in prayer so God touches everyone's hearts and stop all this abortion and sacrifices of all this innocent souls and also unite in prayer for all those souls to be taken to heaven by God's angels and be rescued.

I know Our Blessed Mother wants us to continue praying the Rosary specially for those precious souls. 

I implore each one of you to please say a rosary for all aborted children or a Prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory or limbo

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