Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fatima prophecy (The 13th day)

This is an excellent video with extraordinary special effects that will touch your soul.

It is in English with Spanish subtitles

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Queen of Heaven" Catholic Virgin Mary Cameo, Saints Catholic Medals Bracelet

The picture on this cameo of Our Blessed Mother "Queen of Heaven" is one of my favorites.  Depicts so much love, compassion and love and with Her hand Blessing all.

I adorned this cameo with Czech. Rhinestones to enhance the beauty of the cameo.

Catholic medals I used to create this bracelet are Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Philomena, St. Michael, Our Lady of Czestochowa, St. Rita and  Mother Theresa.

Used a combination of beautiful glass lampwork beads and glass pearls making perfect combination with cameo.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Golden Radiance" Our Lady of Guadalupe Charm Bracelet

This bracelet was inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe's Golden Radiance I experienced recently.

My youngest granddaughter, whom is only 7 months old, fell ill with Bronchiolitis  and had to be hospitalized due to having bad reaction to medications.

I had been praying for her well being and prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe to protect her from any illness and bring her the healing that she needs and as I was praying I had a vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe picking up the baby and also holding my oldest granddaughter, which is 3 yrs old and holding both in Her arms and as she picked up the baby, She emanated a beautiful golden radiance that surrounded Her and the girls and was so beautiful that the radiance is indescribable and at that moment I knew She was healing my granddaughter.

My granddaughter is now out of the hospital and back to self, the happy baby that she was, like she was never sick.

Thank you Blessed Mother, will always Love You


O Virgin of Guadalupe,
Mother of the Americas,
grant to our homes the grace of loving
and respecting life in its beginnings,
with the same love with which
you conceived in your womb
the life of the Son of God.
Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother of Fair Love,
protect our families so that
they may always be united
and bless the upbringing of our children.

Our hope, look upon us with pity,
teach is to go continually to Jesus,
and if we fall
help us to rise again and return to Him
through the confession of our faults
and our sins in the Sacrament of penance,
which gives peace to the soul.

We beg you to grant us a great love
of all the holy Sacraments,
which are, as it were,
the signs that your Son left us on earth.
Thus, Most Holy Mother,
with the peace of God in our consciences,
with our hearts free from evil and hatred,
we will be able to bring to all others
true joy and peace,
which come to us from your Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ,
who with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns for ever and ever.


(Pope John Paul II.)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Lady of Victory Necklace

Today  I finished this beautiful necklace honoring Our Lady of Victory.  For some time now I had been wanting to create a necklace with turquoise and today that inspiration came to me using a beautiful and unique cross which I added a beautiful figural medal of Our Lady of Victory with Baby Jesus.

To this necklace I added large turquoise, large rough Garnet beads and darker stones from turquoise stones making it more unique

I listed this necklace at my Etsy Shop, Angelo's Treasures

Sunday, March 4, 2012

St. Philomena

PATRONAGE: babies,children, children of Mary, desperate causes, forgotten causes, impossible causes, infants, infertility, lost causes, Living Rosary, newborns, poor people, priests, sick people, sickness, sterility, toddlers, young people, youth.

Sometimes in life we come across special people online that Our Lord and Blessed Mother makes it possible to meet and be a part of something so special in your life.

This is the case of Mrs. Lidia from Mexico.  She first contacted me because she loved my jewelry and wanted several pieces made and she also commented on my experiences I have shared in my blog as well as in my store and was very touched by them and she also shared some of her experiences and they brought me tears to read some of her beautiful experiences, including tears from an image of Our Blessed Mother, glitter after praying the rosary in her home and many other beautiful experiences with roses.  She also informed me that she is in possession of a First Class Relic of St. Philomena which is a piece of her hair and she is the coordinator for MisiĆ³n Por el Amor de Dios en Todo el Mundo  Translation "For the Love of God Worldwide" with Founder John Rick Miller, this is their Facebook page For The Love of God Worldwide and she has many accounts of miracles attributed to St. Philomena.  This mission is to spread God's Love and she alsotravels all over the world spreading the devotion to St. Philomena and I have been so blessed to have received a piece of red fabric touched to the First Class Relic of St. Philomena, making it a third class relic.  She wants me to use a large part of this fabric to touch my jewelry and continue with the devotion to St. Philomena and use pieces for others that would like a piece.  She also sent me several medals of St. Philomena that I will be using in my bracelets

I feel so honored that I cannot describe or express with words how Blessed I feel and this great mission to continue with the devotion to St. Philomena.  I've had some experiences when I'm working with a St. Philomena relic on one of my bracelets, but now I feel so much closer and the love stronger.

I thank you Lord and Blessed Mother for entrusting in me such privilege.