Saturday, June 16, 2012

Virgencita - In the Hearts of All Children

Sometime ago I came across Our Lady of Guadalupe in a child form, which I loved and I even bought some charms to make my granddaughter a necklace but they were made of brass and very small, she didn't think anything of it.

Several weeks ago my daughter-in-law was sharing her idea of creating whimsical Kawaii style jewelry for kids and adults and I have always been supportive of all she does because she is very talented and her inspiration are her girls, my granddaughters, so I knew they will be beautiful and one day we came across an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe "Virgencita" and she just fell in love with her and she is very devoted to Our Blessed Mother and she was inspired to create jewelry honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe as "Virgencita".

Incredible enough we came across several Virgencitas for her to start creating her pieces and one day, we decided to make our own flowers to add to them when the inspiration came to create Our own "Virgencita" including the flowers and as we were creating them, I received a message that "She, Our Lady of Guadalupe, wants to be in all children's hearts" and we were more joyous on creating Her as a child like.

As we finished a couple of them, my 3 yr. old granddaughter, which had not known about Our Lady of Guadalupe, she gasped when she saw one and held her and she told my daughter-in-law "MOM THATS THE LADY OF GUA-DA-LUUUUPE!" and immediately wanted a necklace with one and that made us rejoice more that how a child that young could feel the joy of holding Our Lady of Guadalupe in a child like manner and identify with her, it was amazing and beautiful experience.

My daughter-in-law has launched her own designs with Our Virgencita in her Etsy shop


These are some of her designs
These top three are necklaces of Our Lady "Virgencita"

This design is a cuff bracelet 

This is a necklace of Padre (Father) Eusebio Francisco Kino, Tucson's First European Explorer
Since she being from San Xavier and have lived there all her life.
Being part of this community is amazing and focuses a lot on the foundation of our most visited Church, Mission San Xavier del Bac, which was founded in 1692 by Father Kino.
You can read more on Father Kino here on this link,
She did a remarkable job creating Padre Kino herself with all the details.
She has been inspired to create Saints as well and Mother Theresa.
I was so inspired by her creations I wanted to create a bracelet myself and I listed it in my Etsy Shop

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Donna said...

Wow - so beautiful and colorful and the story touches my hear with Amaya. Leave it to her - and her little holy soul!! I am so happy that it now become a family affair with all this creating!!