Sunday, June 3, 2012

For Greater Glory Movie

I watched this movie today and brought me to tears, such a powerful and inspirational movie of people sacrificing their lives for faith and love of Our Lord and their beliefs.  Something to admire and  forever love.

Being from Mexico, myself, I came out, after watching this movie, with a sense of immense gratitude for all the people that sacrificed everything, some even their lives to fight for their freedom of religion and stood up to an oppressive government to be able to worship once again in Church and stop the killings, including Priests and Bishops and destroying the Churches, without their courage, God only knows what would of been living in a country with no faith and Love for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother, which my grandparents and parents passed down to me and many.

 Even though you know the history, watching it in a movie has more power and really touches your heart and soul.  I thank God for the creator of this movie and many like it that brings history to life.

I hope you have watched and brings the same appreciation for these people and martyrs and greater Love for Cristo Rey "Christ the King" and Our Blessed Mother.


La Doña said...

Hello Lety,

My husband and I watched this movie on Friday. What an inspirational movie. It brought back memories of stories that my father used to tell us about the Cristeros. What brave souls that fought for all of us. I hope it inspires others as well. Take care.

Donna said...

I am going as soon as it gets here!!! I cried at the trailer.