Monday, May 14, 2012

Catholic Virgin Mary "The Divine Shepherdess", Saints Religious Medals Bracelet

I have always loved how Our Blessed Mother is dressed and adorned in all Latin America including lace and I was so happy to be able to receive this stunning medal of Our Blessed Mother as "The Divine Shepherdess".

I received this stunning medal from Lydia a special lady from Mexico that was kind enough to send me several medals and a piece of cloth touched to St. Philomena's First Class Relic and the medals for use in my creations.

I just love the image, I still find myself finding comfort just looking at the medal.


Leigh said...

I do not believe that I have seen an image of The Divine Shepherdess before. Very lovely work :)

Lety Alvarez said...

Thank you Leigh- I love that image. I have not seen one either. That particular medal was sent to me by a special lady in Mexico City.