Monday, May 21, 2012


Yesterday for the second time within two weeks period, I have experience hearing beautiful singing in my home.  The first time I heard it I thought for sure it must of been my neighbor's home but what was particular, it was only one main voice and other as Choir and no musical instruments.  I checked and I could not hear any music outside.

Yesterday again, I was in my room when again I began hearing singing, one beautiful voice stood out more than the others but I could not understand the words but I felt an instant joy just listening to the singing, then I could hear other voices as a Choir that lasted approx. 5 minutes, I sat there enjoying it and trying to make out the words.  I stepped out of my room and no singing only in that particular room because again, I thought it must coming from outside, but no one was around and only was coming from that room because when I went back to the room, I could hear the singing again.

This is one of those unexplained experiences that just brings joy to my life and want to continue experiencing this beautiful singing to uplift my spirit.

Yesterday's experience kept me thinking if it's an angelic Host in constant praising Our Lord since every night I have been praying the St. Michael's Crown and the Archangels to always be around us for protection and take us to Our Lord's presence in praise.


LadyCat said...

Music is an Angelic prescence in our lives. I think we have a certain song pop into our heads when we need a certain message. But to actually hear the music must be very special. I love the picture you have posted here!

Donna said...

What a beautiful experience Leticia. I am sure as holy as you are the angels love to sing to you. I love the picture you used too. Blessings to you mi amiga.

Lety Alvarez said...

Thank you LadyCat for your comment. Yes, there are certain songs that bring us messages but this experience is different because I could actually hear the voices

Lety Alvarez said...

Thank you Donna, by all means, I am not holier than you and most people, I'm sure they sing to everyone that asks for our angels to be present in our lives, I just happen to hear them.

Blessings to you as well amiga