Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catholic Virgin Mary Cameo, Saints Religious Medals Handcrafted Charm Bracelet

For a very long time I wanted to add a rhinestone or jewel crown to Our Blessed Mother in my cameos but could hardly find small enough to fit on the cameo until I found a stunning brooch that had small enough pieces to convert into crowns and I was so excited to be able to incorporate the crown to the image of Our Lady.

This bracelet turned out so unique with the color combinations.  I also found some stunning lampwork hearts with gold foil that were meant for this bracelet.

Catholic medals I used are Immaculate Heart of Mary, Christ, St. Juan Diego with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Blessed Sacrament, St. Benedict, Mother Theresa and Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In addition to the stunning hearts, I added beautiful cream color with black lampwork beads making this bracelet unique.

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