Sunday, January 8, 2012

God's Earth Angels

Have you ever experienced a random act of Kindness from someone you have never met or spoken with?

I call them God's Earth Angels.  There are many of these Earth Angels and I have met many in life.

I met a very kind loving lady named Alexandra Cadena.  She has an online store and sells vintage medals on Etsy and ebay.  For the past several years, I came across her site and I just fell in love with her medals and I kept checking back often to see if I could win one of her lots or buy some of her medals but my budget did not allow it but I kept being uplifted just by looking at them and when I needed some inspiration, again, I would go back to her store and I thought to myself I know one day God will allow me to buy some of her medals.

One day when I went to visit her Etsy shop Alexandra Cadena Religious Medals and Treasures I saw a stunning medal of Our Blessed Mother surrounded by flowers that just took my breath away and I felt so much love and peace from that medal and again, I said to myself, one day I will buy one of these medals.

Time passed and we never spoke, I just was window shopping in her sites and on Dec. 29 I noticed she had won one of my bracelets on ebay and I felt so honored that she would be bidding on my bracelets since I have always admired her medals.  She wrote to me on the bracelet and I felt an immediate bond with Alexandra, like I knew her for ever.  We continue to convey messages and she informed me that she wanted to send me some medals for me to use on my creations and one specially for me.  She asked me which one I wanted but told her let Our Blessed Mother chose the one for me 

On Friday I received the package and I was just blown away with how many medals she had sent me and I could feel the box pulsating with so much energy, it was a beautiful experience.  When I opened the package with the medal just for me I was in tears when I saw one of the stunning medals with Our Lady of Help, Maria Auxiliadora, with the flowers encased in hard resin.  It was one of the ones I loved in her store, I just couldn't believe it Our Lady came to me through Alexandra.  She also sent me a Mustard Seed pendant for me and one for my daughter-in-law.  I will forever be grateful.

God and Our Blessed Mother are merciful and loving.  Thank you for Your Earth Angels like Alexandra

I also received these stunning Gold Filled and Sterling medals 
 Many more here, including copper and stunning rhinestone crosses and locket 

If you like these medals check out her store on ebay

or Etsy


LadyCat said...

Oh my, the medals are so beautiful! She sounds like a kind woman full of good energy. I am going to check out her items.
I bid on one of your necklaces on ebay, but didn't win the bid. I am receiving emails of your updated items and they are so lovely.
Kindness to you : )

moXieantiques said...

oh what a wonderful post and what a coincidence because alexandra was one of my recent customers on etsy... what a blessing!!! i was also thrilled as she was my first customer from houston texas!!!