Thursday, January 19, 2012

Covered By Our Blessed Mother's Mantle

Today, while I was asleep, I had a very vivid dream, or what I call, vision that when I woke up, I felt like I had been transported to a more pleasant state of mind despite the horror I lived in my dream.

I found myself with my family walking streets that appeared to be Tombstone, AZ, I then heard a very deep voice telling me to get back to my refuge immediately and I told my husband to better hurry and get back to our home. As we were walking the sky began to turn grey then heard thundering and I thought a storm is coming, when all of the sudden the sky began releasing some sort of mist that began to hurt our eyes, then the same voice said it was toxic, then the mist disappeared.  When I opened my eyes again, the sky was already dark, almost like night and I saw how it started to part in half and saw a bright light, like a line in the middle, and then began, what appeared to be lightning but in colors and I was just fascinated by the scene but at the same time scared and I remember saying "The void is opening" and telling my husband, see it does exist.   I then saw another scene that what appeared to be grey clouds were in some sort of large ditch, on the ground by this time I could hear people running and screaming, but I was fascinated by the lights flickering in the sky and then on the clouds in the ground.
At this time, when the people were screaming and running, there  was already water coming down from a mountain like a flood carrying so much debris as logs and other things in the murky water, then I saw the clouds on the ground open and 6 UFOs with flickering lights took flight one after the other.  I then began to get scare and thought that we were being attacked by them when I heard the same deep voice saying "They are the guardians of the planet and were ordered to leave" and again I was told to rush to my refuge.

When we arrived to a house, which was not our actual home, we closed the doors and windows and inside were my grandmother and mother, which both have been deceased for years and they told me they were there to help me care for the children and for me to stand guard by the front door and watch.

When I was at the door I could hear scratching at the door and when I looked outside, there were many cats and a dog terrified and wanting to come in so I opened the door to let them in and that's when I thought it must be so bad out there.  I then looked outside the window and saw lava  coming our way and I just could not believe it that one side was a flood and on the other side lava and was coming towards the house.  You can imagine my fear of looking something similar to this picture coming towards us and no way to go.

Immediately I began to pray the rosary and I asked God and Our Blessed Mother if we all were going to die by lava to please make it so quick that we won't feel the pain and I just closed my eyes and when I heard a voice telling me to open my eyes and when I did, we were inside our truck floating in the lava and I could even feel heat, but not extreme heat, on my leg from it and was amazed that no one could feel the heat.  As we were floating on this lava I could see houses and cars being covered by this lava and I could hear the screams and as the lava began to go higher on our car, I could see a very bright light push our truck to one side of the street where there was nothing going on, there was peace and so bright and beautiful.

We got out of the car and there was this beautiful lady, which I believe is Our Blessed Mother since I had visions of the same Lady before, there welcoming us to this place and I was just in awe, so beautiful, peaceful and so bright.  I was amazed to that even the tires on the truck were intact no damage at all.  I then asked why we were there and the other people were not?  I heard a beautiful voice from heaven saying that "They didn't cover themselves with My Mantle" and at that moment I woke up in an instant and all morning I had been like in a state of awe and amazement and pondering on this vivid experience and after a couple of hours after waking up, I could not control my tears, I began to cry and cry of joy, even it was a very frightening experience, I felt the joy that I felt covered by Our Blessed Mother's Mantle.

I cannot express how my love intensified for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother after this experience.  I loved them before but after today, my heart still beats so fast when I think of Them.

I also pondered on this experience if its a message to convey of a warning of similar events to come or a message of the need to continue praying the Rosary and cover ourselves with Our Blessed Mother's Mantle to be protected as similar events have been occurring. 

I pray everyone reading this will also ponder on this message and continue praying the Rosary and pray for those that may be affected by such disasters and cover yourselves and family with Our Blessed Mother's Mantle and Love.

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The Woodwife said...

Wow Leticia just woke up to read this....I will be thinking about it through out my day. I think you just helped me with my depressed state of mind I have been in. I should cover myself with Her mantle and pray....thank you.