Thursday, September 22, 2011

In the Midst of Trials and Despair

Today I have been inspired to write about my own experiences in the Midst of Trials and Despair in my own personal life, no, I won't go back so many years, but I do have to say have not been easy years since way back when, but I have overcome so many obstacles, trials and despair in my way through life.

I have to admit that my family and myself have not been exempt of what is going on with the economy and it seems the more I hear and read about I felt I needed to share.  We have too been affected by this turmoil in the economy, my husband almost losing his job and his hours cut down drastically, meaning income cut drastically like many people around the world and not just USA and in the midst of all this, yes, I have to admit, I felt discouraged and afraid like every human and I would question when will all this end?

When we fall in a comfort zone of everything being fine in our world, does not mean well in the rest of the world but our own immediate world, we tend to realize that we have a perfect life, good jobs, nice home, nice car, we must have the latest technology, the newest trends in clothing, shoes, what our children want, immediate gratification and when that world shifts around us and all the turmoil takes over, we feel lost and afraid and I'm no exception, I too, felt afraid and discouraged that the more I prayed, the more I felt attacked in turmoil, it may have been my own fears or from other around me, but I was very afraid but never lost my faith, I knew God is not the one causing this, He does not send us trials like we sometimes believe, I realized that there is so much negative energy shifting around us that is so dense that God's Blessings cannot get to us, or we are sometimes we are so consumed by our negative thoughts that we cannot see or even have the energy to pray, please don't fall into those fears, God and Our Blessed Mother are in the midst of those Trials and Despairs, They will pull you out of your Despair and desperation.

Don't cease to pray, pray the Rosary, even if you don't have the energy at that moment, take a couple of deep breaths and change your thoughts to a more positive thinking.

If you can imagine yourself being in the presence of the Most High and Our Blessed Mother, feel Their Essence,  just keep breathing like in meditation and the more you do this, your mind will start to clear and your body relax.  What I do and this has helped me tremendously to keep at peace, is light incense, I prefer the handcrafted ones, like Frankincense, Myrrh, I found one that is Queen of Heaven and is delightful, Gardenia or any other pleasant scents that will soothe you, listen to soothing praise music, like Gregorian Chants or any other Spiritual music and light a candle and in your moment of Their presence, just praise for the things you have, give Thanks for the good things and bless everyone that has cursed you or wished you wrong, send them God's and Blessed Mother's Love, I know it's not easy sometimes, but it will help, specially your Boss or people that are in your life, Bless the place you work in and the people around you.  If you don't have a job or lost one, still bless the place and bless the new job coming to you.  Bless your home with God's and Blessed Mother's Love. What I do is at least once a week I bless it with Holy Water and sometimes I do burn incense and go throughout the home Blessing it and praising God for it and all the negative energies in your home will flee, they don't like Love, they enjoy turmoil and the more turmoil, the more will come, so send Love to your surroundings even your backyard and you will start noticing changes in your life, specially your health.  Just say "I Bless this house with God's and Our Blessed Mother's Love, Love will reside in this home and may His angels dwell to protect us and bring His Blessings"

Don't be discourage, it shall pass, also bless our President and all in charge of this country, they do need blessings and not curses.

May Our Lord's and Blessed Mother's Love keep you safe and Blessed


Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful post. Through your life your shinning. Thank you for being so loving and positive.
If only the government would wipe everyone's debts clean and start again, this would be bliss!

The Woodwife said...

Oh Leticia you explained it so well and helped so much with your words of encouragement to all. It is so hard - it does get us down - but prayer, and more prayer and gratitude is the answer. It is sometimes all we have. Thank you for sharing this - it really touched my heart. I have been saying the Hail Mary prayer whenever I feel myself getting down. Blessings to you and your family Leticia as always.

Leticia said...

Amen to that Julie-Ann that the government should bail out all in need right now, perfect dream come true and like you say, start again

Leticia said...

Hi Donna, it does gets us down, it's a big blow on the spirit and we must continue to keep the light shining and not be with that burden 24 hours a day, we must take baby steps to keep uplifted :, yes, prayer and gratitude it uplifts the spirit. I do that as well and forgot to mention it. Blessings to you and your family as well Donna