Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blessings from Above

For a long time I have been fascinated by one of God’s creations which are gemstones and I know they Bring God's and Our Blessed Mother’s Love and Light within each one of them for humanity to use as a tool for our well being and when I read about St. Hildegard’s visions and how intensively she wrote on God’s purpose for us to use such gemstones and when St. Catherine Labour saw Our Blessed Mother's fingers covered with gemstones I was more interested in using them for one of the purposes God intended use for such Beautiful creation but I didn’t continue with my search until It came to me in form of a dream that I was guided to start creating pieces with such gemstones and a special way to use them and when I was shown the gemstones and the metal and I was told that they absorb negative energy and transform it Into positive energy but with a special matrix and also to read Psalm 142 when I saw all the gemstones and a clear plastic and metal then the medal of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal appeared on the center of all the gemstones and they all in unity were sending pure glowing white light and appeared to me as a pure Blessing as if they were emanating God’s and Our Blessed Mother’s essence.

The next day I was so excited and so much at peace and felt Our Blessed Mother’s Love that I wanted to create one and I tried creating it, but it wasn’t quite getting the plastic part, then a couple of weeks later while searching for more St. Michael prayers I came across information talking about the orgonite energy and I was just blown away that was my dream about the energy stones emanate and after much practice I began creating some pieces and sharing with others in my family and all with great results, everything positive, people do notice the change they have been making in their life, more at peace and other changes that seems to harmonize their environment and I’m so excited to be able to incorporate them in my creations. These changes maybe subtle but positive. These are not talismans or such, these are pieces With one of God’s creations to be used as a beneficial tool in our life in prayer and expressing more Love towards others and our planet.

I will be including in most of my pieces medals of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and angels due to previous dreams seeing angels with gemstones and I know I will be adding other medals as well as a reminder that God’s beauty and essence is in every natural piece of this earth.

This is one of the first bracelets I created using this special pendant of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and using Garnet and gold flakes

On this pendant honoring St. Michael and all the Archangels that surround us I added gold flakes as well and also Garnet, I often find myself just starring at this pieces that just admiring God's creations floating inside this resin and eminating His beauty


The Woodwife said...

These really are beautiful!!

Leticia said...

Thank you Donna