Saturday, June 18, 2011

Water of Life

On June 17, 2011 I had a very vivid dream.

I found myself in a very populated street, it seemed like a carnival, there were many vendors and people eating and just walking. I did feel a lot of peace and joy and when I looked down there was a baby on the floor wrapped in a white baby blanket and everyone was just going around the baby ignoring him and I picked him up, then I heard a lady that was a street vendor, told me that I could not keep him that I had to give him up and to take it to the Salvation Army and they will take the baby and give him for adoption. I was sadden and it was hard to let go, but eventually I did.

I kept walking and found myself again on the same street and again, I saw this precious baby on the street and everyone going around him and no one noticing this baby. I ran and picked him up and wrapped him and cuddle him in my arms and I could feel this overwhelmed sensation of love, much, much love, it is so difficult to explain, how my spirit felt this surge of love and special energy and this precious baby opened his tiny arms and hugged me and I found myself being emerged in this special energy that I could not let go of this baby.

I was approached by the same vendor lady and told me the same, that I had to take him to the Salvation Army and they will give him for adoption and just the thought of doing that I was overwhelmed with grief and I was crying so much that I just didn't want to let go of this baby, the more I was told I had to, the more this beautiful baby would hug me and smiled and I felt like we were one at this point.

As I was holding this baby, I was told to get a medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a family picture and place it all together in a paper. I didn't know what that was for, but I obeyed and I did. When I noticed that on the Sacred Heart medal, there was something stuck to His heart and
I had a pencil in my hand and with the tip, I scratched the Heart trying to remove whatever was stuck and all of the sudden from Our Lord's Heart, clear water was pouring like a cascade on two parts, like the Divine Mercy, but only water and the water was falling on top of the picture I had placed underneath the medal and when the water finished pouring I saw four precious red stones, which I believe they were Rubies and were set in Gold, on each corner of the picture and I was in awe of the beauty of the stones and even the feeling of touching the stones was so beautiful and so much peace.

I then heard a voice telling me to get some of the water that flowed from Our Lord's Heart and place it on the baby's forehead and bless him. When I did that, at the moment I placed my finger with the water, the baby was not a baby anymore it was Jesus' face. The face on the Shroud of Turin
I just could not contain my tears. I cannot describe my emotions at that moment, they were of joy and sorrow to see His face the way He appears on the Shroud, all that suffering but Blessed at the same time that I was able to bless Him and have Him in my arms as a baby, I cannot express in writing any of those emotions and all I can say I still feel that love and cry of the beauty of that Child.

I know we live in a very busy indifferent world and that is what it may be happening, we get so focus on everything around us that we don't pay attention to anyone else specially Our Lord, He may feel forgotten by many and giving up on Him so easily like in my dream, give him up for adoption, but He is here and wants to stay in our hearts and in our family. May you always find love and peace in His Heart and may you always find a place in your heart for His. If I could convey that love and feeling with my words, you will cry as well. I don't ever want to let go of that feeling. May you be Blessed


The WoodWife said...

Wow Leticia what a powerful dream. I have to absorb it more as I wake up - I will write you an email later. You did convey the feeling - not all of it of course but you conveyed it.

The Recycled Catholic said...


Thank you for posting your dream. More then ever I need to get in touch with my spiritual, dream life. And your dream has inspired me to do so.
Thanks and God Bless you,

Leticia said...

Thank you Donna, glad you could get some of the feel Donna and you are right not all of it, it is so difficult to do so in writing unless you experience it yourself.

Leticia said...

Thank you Kim and glad it inspired you to get in touch with your spiritual and dream life. Blessings


Leigh said...

Wow! What an amazing dream you had. It leaves me sort of speechless, but thankful.

Leticia said...

Thank you Leigh- I was speechless as well