Sunday, June 12, 2011

Virgin Mary "Queen of Heaven" Lace Cuff

Another creation using vintage lace honoring Our Blessed Mother "Queen of Heaven"
I used a gorgeous large flower with a tiny figural medal of Our Lady of Fatima and other Catholic Medals.

This is a cuff bracelet that will embrace your wrist.


The WoodWife said...

So beautiful - these just keep getting better!!

La Doña Jenny said...

This is realy nice and unique Lety...I've seen lace cuffs but none with a Catholic theme. Felicidades on our new creation... Just started following your blog and will add you to my blog list.


Julie-ann Bowden said...

The lace is fabulous. You know there is something so special about vintage art and lace. Dreamy!
Thank you so much for coming over and leaving me a lovely message!
Always a pleasure to see your blog, its pure beauty!

Leigh said...

That is so beautiful and inspirational.

Leticia said...

Thank you everyone