Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Child Jesus Pocket Watch Necklace


Remember, oh sweetest Child Jesus, that You said to the Venerable Margaret of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and through her, to all Your devotees, these so consoling words for our poor overwhelmed and suffering mankind: "Everything that You want to request, ask for it through the merits of my infancy and nothing will be denied to you". Full of trust in You, oh Jesus! Who are truth itself, I come to present my necessities.
Help me lead an authentic Christian life, to obtain a happy eternity. By the infinite merits of your incarnation and your childhood, grant me the grace that I am requesting of You (here state the requested grace). I commit myself to You, oh Omnipotent Child, confident that You will heed my plea and will fortify me in hope.

This is a unique necklace I created using a vintage broken rosary, vintage pendant and an image of Child Jesus from an antique Holy Card from Holy Card Heaven inside a pocket watch and used vintage and new rhinestones.

I am fascinated with vintage images and have been inspired by creations using such beautiful images that I found myself making one with this beautiful image.

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aquariann said...

Stunning watch necklace and lovely prayer!