Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vintage & New Ouf Lady of Fatima Religious Medals Charm Bracelet

O Most Holy Virgin Mary, 
 Queen of the most Holy Rosary, 
 You were pleased to appear 
to the children of Fatima  
and reveal a glorious message.
  We implore You,  
inspire in our hearts
 a fervent love 
 for the recitation of the Rosary. 
 By meditating 
on the mysteries of the redemption  
that are recalled therein 
may we obtain the graces 
and virtues that we ask, 
 through the merits of Jesus Christ, 
 Our Lord and Redeemer. 

This is another bracelet I created honoring Our Beautiful Lady of Fatima using a unique 3D resin cameo set on vintage lace setting and using a vintage stardust shape rhinestones pendant.

Catholic medals used are Our Lady of Medjugorje, St. Martin of Tours, Divine Mercy, St. Therese, St. Kateri Tekakwita, St. Benedict, St. Rita and Archangel St. Gabriel.

I used a unique color combination of pinks, greens and blues to enhance the beautiful cameo

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The WoodWife said...

This one is really nice Leticia. I love the blue Fatima. Another amazing bracelet full of love and holiness.