Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Newest Creations

For such a very long time I have been wanting to make creations with beautiful vintage Holy Cards images and I found the most beautiful and inspirational site Holy Card Heaven Holy Card Heaven that I have been blessed that they have granted me permission to use their images for my creations. It is truly Heaven sent.

When I visited Holy Card Heaven site, I felt like I was transported to a very spiritual place and reading all the information they provide, it is just what the soul needs. I highly recommend you visit them.

I want to continue making my creations in honor and glory of Our Lord and Mother Mary and I just love antique cards, there is so much love and devotion in every image and how they convey a spiritual message through their art, it's just amazing and I wanted to capture that as well in my creations.

The images I used have been transfered to fabric, not paper, for longer lasting wear and used a special protector on the fabric.

The images I used on this necklace are Our Beautiful Lady of Mt. Carmel with Child Jesus and inside locket I used is Christ Child Sacred Heart

On this necklace I used a beautiful image of Virgin Mary from an antique Holy Card, also from Holy Card Heaven

On this Necklace I used another stunning picture of The Holy Face of Jesus Ecce Homo

May Our Lord continue to bless every soul that continues to worship and adore Our Lord, Blessed Mother and all the Divine

Click on this image to visit Holy Card Heaven


The WoodWife said...

Beautiful - beautiful - these are Holy Creation Heaven!!

Beth said...

I just love holy cards! Beautiful work!