Sunday, March 27, 2011

Virgin Mary Lace Cuff Religious Medals Bracelets

When I wanted to create a different style of bracelets totally different than the ones I was making, charm bracelets, I prayed for inspiration and I'm just loving this new inspiration with the lace.

I love lace and I have collected vintage lace for some time now and was not sure how to use it but now I'm just in awe when I finish a piece. I just love using it to Give honor to Our Blessed Mother, Our Lord and Saints with such beautiful lace, it just takes me back to a time where people wore a lot of lace and made every piece so feminine.

On this bracelet honoring Our Lady of Miraculous Medal I used vintage cream color lace with pearls and a vintage faux pearls embellishment with many other vintage and new rhinestones to accent the medals

On this bracelet honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe I used vintage black lace representing Her black belt around Her waist and adorned with turquoise and adding two medals and an ornate crucifix to a vintage copper cuff bracelet

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The WoodWife said...

I am so loving your new bracelts. This one is stunning and just so beautiful and full of meaning!! I love it.