Saturday, March 5, 2011

Roses and Pearls Crown for Our Queen of Heaven Virgin Mary Statue

For a very long time, I have been inspired in creating crowns for Our Blessed Mother and I have always loved to see the crowns of roses in Her images and today that inspiration, again, came to me

PEARL- Signifies God's righteousness- In Revelation, the New Jerusalem is spoken of having twelve walls with twelve foundations and twelve gates of Pearls (Rev. 21-14-27

THE ROSE BEING REPRESENTATIVE OF MARY The rose is regarded as the "queen of flowers", and often symbolizes Mary, the Queen of Heaven. Also an almost universal symbol of perfect love, its color, perfection of form, and fragrance, as well as its thorns signifies Mary's role in salvation history as the Mother of God the Savior who was crowned with thorns and shed His blood on the Cross for love of mankind. The rose, arising from a thorny bush, also signifies Mary, the Mystical Rose, "our fallen Nature's solitary boast", who alone of the human race was conceived without sin. It also may contain a parallel with the fiery thorn bush from which God spoke to Moses: Mary, immaculately conceived, was the means through which God became Man, The Word made flesh.)

While creating these crowns I was just thinking what Our Blessed Mother would love most and all it came was pearls, roses and crystals and that is basically what I used mainly in these two crowns, which are my first ones to create.

I used beautiful vintage acrylic flowers and paper roses as well as pearls, gemstone beads and Czech. glass beads.

They fit most 25" statues and only for indoor due to paper flowers

These are listed in my Etsy Shop Angelo's Treasures

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