Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rosary Style Padre Pio Reliquary Religious Necklace

May Jesus comfort you
in all your afflictions.
May He sustain you in dangers,
watch over you always with His grace,
and indicate the safe path
that leads to eternal salvation.
And may He render you always
dearer to His Divine Heart
and always more worthy of Paradise.
by Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

When I see a picture of St. Padre Pio, it just brings me so much peace and joy and when creating a piece in his honor, I feel that joy that is indescribable.

On this reliquary necklace I created I used a unique medal with earth from San Giovanni Rotondo, St. Padre Pio's Shrine

Used a beautiful porcelain cameo of Archangel St. Gabriel from an antique card. I created this necklace Rosary style with beautiful wood beads

May St. Padre Pio shine his light upon your life

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The WoodWife said...

This one is beautiful!! I love Padre Pio.