Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dream "The Power of the Rosary"

I feel compelled to share a very specific dream I had on March 8, 2011. First I have to explain that my mother went with Our Lord several years ago and I hardly have dreams of her and when I do, she is asking me to help someone either family members or people I know and sometimes that I don't know, either living or passed.

On March 8, she came to me in a dream asking me to help 3 specific persons to help them cross the line, but I knew the line was from purgatory to the light because those three specific persons have been deceased and my mother took me to see them and they were in this really awful place, it was so dark and gloomy, people screaming and just walking without knowing where to go, I saw one lady in specific, one that my mother asked me to help, she was holding on to a rosary and was crying so much and hiding, she said "I was told to pray the rosary but I don't know how", I then told her I will be praying one for her and all of the sudden the clouds began to gather and were so dark and I got scared because it looked like a storm was coming but my mother kept telling me not to leave and not to worry, nothing will happen to me because I'm not from there. All of the sudden all of the people began to scream and I heard a loud thunder and I felt like snow or something heavy was falling, I had covered my head and closed my eyes so I couldn't see anything, when that passed I opened my eyes and saw many people covered in snow but nothing happened to me nor my mother, then she told me that is why they needed to leave that place.

I began praying the rosary for those people in purgatory and asking Our Blessed Mother and God to have Their angels guide them out of there and to His presence so they will ask for His forgiveness and allow them into heaven.

On the second night after starting the Rosary, I had another dream. I found myself in this dark awful cave, it was so dark and I remember saying, it's smells so awful in here, it smells like dead dog or something died in here and there was enough light for me to see a pile of something that appeared mud or something worse and on top of that pile it appeared to be a body, it kind of looked human and at the same time like an animal, but it was like it had been through a grinder, all body parts piled up, and I saw two rosaries inside the pile, only part of the rosaries were coming thru, I know they were rosaries because they looked like the ones I've made in the past and they were wrapped around that thing in the pile very tight and I heard a very profound voice saying "That's the power of the rosary" and I felt this joy after hearing that voice and when I woke up, there was so much peace. I believe I was shown part of what praying the rosary does, destroying those tormenting beings and binds them and breaks them from our lives or people. I still get teary eyed just remembering that vision and that voice and the Power of the Rosary.

I hope by sharing this I can transmit a glimpse of that awful place and for us to keep praying the Rosary for us and those in need and for those that don't know how to pray.



The WoodWife said...

You are such an inspiration to us all.

Leticia said...

Thank you Donna and you are as well to many - Blessings