Friday, February 11, 2011

Locket Shrine Necklaces

When I began creating these necklaces, I was not sure what to make with the lockets and loved the cameos but one day I woke up with the inspiration to create a small shrine for Our Lord, Blessed Mother and Beloved Saints and I kept finding those wonderful pocket statues that I use and I have been blessed that they are liked by many.

I created two more today to list on my Etsy shop. I always love making one with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and St. Anthony, he has been so good to me in many ways, always ready to help me, thank you St. Anthony.

Inside I added a very unique vintage pewter pocket statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a color image of Blessed Pope John Paul II
I also created another honoring Our Beautiful Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus. I used a vintage cameo and inside locket made honor to Our Lady of Miraculous Medal
The pocket statue of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal is a vintage hand painted statue surrounded by vintage rhinestones

These are listed in my Etsy shop


SilverCrow said...

These are just lovely. Thanks for such love inspiration.
SilverCrow Creations

Joann said...


The WoodWife said...

I love all things tiny and to have a beautiful holy little shrine to carry with you - is just perfect. Perfect!!