Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dream Message

I would like to share with you this powerful dream message a fellow blogger, friend, posted. The post she shared really touched me profoundly.

How Our Blessed Mother is giving us messages and still many people are ignoring what is going on with our beautiful Earth.

We must continue to pray for those that don't know how and ask God for those that need to find the love for this beautiful world we live in before it turns worse

The following post has been extracted from owner's post with her permission to share

Dream Message

I had a very profound dream last night and it was a message for all of us. I went to bed as usual and I had my old Lourdes rosary in my hands and was drifting off to sleep when I had this dream/vision. Mary was suddenly next to me dressed in blue robes.


She smiled and looked at me with such love and peace. She then took my hand. We were some place very high looking out onto an expansive view. She waved Her hand and said "This is what your world could look like" and in front of us appeared a beautiful sight - lush green fertile landscapes, flowers and trees, the sun shining so brilliantly and beautiful.


Mary let me admire that for a moment and then She waved Her hand again and said "This is what your world does look like" and the view changed to one of dirt and grime and cities and fighting.


She then said this to me "You have been chosen, and your two friends, as well as others - not because you are special, ALL my children are special, some of my children are just not listening to me. She said this like a mother with misbehaving children and was not angry just sad. Mary continued “The chosen few, that are listening to me , will need to keep listening to me. Stay open and follow your heart. You will need to help others open up their hearts and listen too. The world will get worse before it gets better and you will be needed." Then Mary took me places - first to the Gulf of Mexico where we went underwater. We could breathe fine and She showed me how the pollution and the oil is getting into the mother dolphins milk and that is why the baby dolphins are dying. (I had heard that on the news this week and it upset me very much.).


Then we went to Hawaii a seeming paradise I thought, but Mary showed me dark places of pollution and unhealthy things.


Then She took us to the most desolate Antarctic landscape and showed that even there, so far away from man, there was dirt and grime from our world - she showed me a microscopic view of this.


Then Our Blessed Mother said “There is hope. I am with you.” And that was the end.

No matter what you believe, or who you believe in, even if you don’t believe in anything, this is a message for everyone that we should heed. This is our world, we need to take care of it before it’s too late. Our Lady of Grace sends down Her graces from Her hands upon our world yet we are an ungrateful lot sometimes.


And we make Our Mother cry.

Mary lety 1

Hasn’t She cried enough?

pieta 2


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The WoodWife said...

Thank you Lety for honoring my dream and Mary's message like this.