Sunday, January 23, 2011


On January 19, 2011, I had another extraordinary dream. This time I found myself, again, what appear to be a mountain, but it was nighttime but I could see the people from the light of the moon , and there w
as many people walking around. All I could see it was like a hill behind a wire fence.

I didn’t know who all the people were and most were sad and crying, after observing them, I began to feel sad and when someone approached me and wanted to hug me, I saw a lightning in the sky and heard thunder
and I pushed the person away from me and kept telling everyone to look up to heaven, but no one was. I felt this surge of excitement looking up waiting to see the lightning again and all of the sudden, a light appears on the sky and it formed a door full of light.

I kept telling everyone “Look, it’s Heaven’s Door” and kept repeating it many times, but only few looked up but with no excitement
, just looking up.

All of the sudden out of Heaven’s Door comes Our Blessed Mother, so beautiful, She was wearing the most beautiful silk type sk
y blue gown and sweet light pink Mantle, and as She was extending Her arms, She became larger, so large it was almost the size of the mountain, I just wanted to run up to hug Her and I just could not contain my excitement, by then only few people became aware of Her presence and were exc
ited and prayerful.

Some of us got closer to the fence but we could not see Her anymore in the sky, all of the sudden a beautiful presence was in front of us, She was not the same image I first saw in the sky, the first image appeared to be Our Lady of Medjugorje . This beautiful young lady in front of us had very dark long hair and was wearing a beautiful Native-style gown with the mantle up on Her head, up, meaning, like a square hat type and only certain length of it flowed behind Her head (Almost like the one in picture below, but with many colors, She was just so beautiful and sweet.

She began to speak to us, but I could not hear what She was saying, but I was so happy to listen to Her like it was making sense to me what She was saying. I then could hear Her voice, but I still didn’t know what She was telling us, Her tone of voice was so sweet and loving at that moment I thought it was Our Lady of Guadalupe, She then disappeared.

I left crying because I could not see Her anymore and I went to sit down in sorrow and all of the sudden I hear that sweet loving voice next to me saying “Leticia, my Dear Leticia” and hugged me to comfort me and said She is always with me. I then began to sob so hard, She then asked me why am I crying? I told Her because You know my name, She replied with a very sweet smile, “I know everyone’s names” when She bent down to hug me again, I gave Her a kiss on Her cheek and the feeling and emotions are indescribable, it was not like when you kiss a human person, this was so different that I will never forget that emotion.

I believe this dream represents exactly that, not everyone is excited to know about Our Blessed Mother and only a few will acknowledge Her but She knows everyone and like a mother, patiently waiting for everyone to know Her and look upon Her.

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