Saturday, January 15, 2011


On January 14, 2011 I had another extraordinary dream that I will never look at the sky, heaven, and earth the same way.

I found myself in a remote place that I didn’t know where it was, but I would see many, many people, just walking and talking with no emotions, in a rush and I was wondering where I was, when I heard the sweetest most beautiful female voice telling me that I didn’t have to look up to find Her, we are walking within Her and Her Son when all of the sudden I realized it was our Most beautiful Blessed Mother, She was saying that the blue in the sky is Her mantle and the earth is Her feet and we walk everyday within Her and we hardly notice Her.

She also told me to look to my right where the sun is and I was in awe I saw Jesus crucified within the sun

The sun was extraordinarily bright sending out rays of light like gold, it was the most remarkable vision and all of the sudden I felt this surge of energy and I just wanted to touch Him, I felt Him so close to me.

This is another dream I will never forget and will inspire me to be in love more with Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus.

When I woke up, of course, immediately I had to go outside and definitely I didn’t see the heavens, the earth I walk on nor the sun the same way, I felt this tremendous joy of be living within Our Beautiful Blessed Mother and Our Lord and pray that everyone realizes this, we are living within Her, She is not apart from us.


The WoodWife said...

Oh my Leticia this is an awesome post - my favorite of all of yours. I love how you did the pictures and your words - everything!!! Beautiful and awe inspiring.

aurorafedora said...

wow! what a vivid dream, that's awesome!

wcharles said...

Ok fabulous