Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

On October 28, 2010  I had a dream that topped all of my dreams of Jesus, it was like He was and He wasn't I know sounds confusing, but in my dream I found myself in an ancient time where the streets were of dirt and the homes made what appeared to be clay, it may of been the way to Calvary I could see people on the side of the street, most cheering and some crying and I could hear the screaming and when I got closer I could see this very tall and slender man carrying a cross and at times I didn't see the cross, but I know it was Jesus, he was very tall like almost 7 feet and very slender and what I saw when He got closer I could never forget, He was so full of blood and His body full of wounds, so horrible the wounds, like He had been dragged and the skin peeling off the bones, they were cuts that you can actually see part of the bones and something gushing out of some wounds besides the blood, maybe the muscle tissue hanging out and He just kept walking with so much difficulty and pain.

I was horrified but at the same time I wanted to comfort Him and did not turn of disgust like I would of if I would actually see someone else because I cannot see blood nor cuts I turn away right away but not in my dream.  It was painful to see Him that way and I felt helpless. 

When I woke up I felt so much sadness and I could feel much more Love for Him that is indescribable just to have seen that image. We see pictures but it does not describe the actual abuse He suffered until I saw Him in my dream. I think He felt I was ready to see His wounds now because I don't think I was ready emotionally before and now, like I mentioned before, the Love I feel is so immense, much more than before because in my dream as He passed by me with all those horrible wounds I could just feel so much love from Him, compassion a sense of forgiveness for the people doing this to Him and it just hurt me to see all those people making fun of Him and it just hurts me now that people still don't believe and still make fun of Him today.

I think we need to re-evaluate ourselves as how much do we really love Our Lord? Was His torment and death in vein? Why does the world not comprehend His Love that we are killing each other? Don't we want to join Him in Heaven with Our Beautiful Blessed Mother when it's time for us to depart from this world?

I truly wish that I was able to really convey His love, compassion and forgiveness, not so much by words but by spirit.

Now when I create a piece in His honor I want to convey that true love, compassion and forgiveness I felt that night in my dream.

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The WoodWife said...

This dream still amazes me even reading it a second time. As horrible as the dream was in one way in another it was also beautiful in His love part. The dream was a gift to you to share with others in your creations and words.