Monday, October 18, 2010

A Blessing

For several days now I have been feeling Our Lord's Love and presence more than ever and His comfort and Our Blessed Mother's Love as well.

I just love creating my jewelry and to bring His and Our Blessed Mother's Love to others.

Friday and today were another Blessing for me with my granddaughter Amaya, she is just so special.

On Friday I could feel Our Lord's and Blessed Mother's energy in my house and again, she, my
granddaughter went to my Pieta statue and just was caressing Our Lord and Blessed Mother and kissing them, I could not take pictures then because I was charging my camera batteries but today I was able to capture that special moment again, chills all over my body with that special beautiful energy while this was going on.

This is the third time she has done this and it just amazes me every time.

It just amazes me that such a small child can also sense the special Spiritual energy and she knows that the statue represents and wants to make Our Lord and Blessed Mother feel better, it just feels me with so much joy and love.

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The WoodWife said...

Amaya is so special and I just love to tell people of how she kisses and touches your statue. She is so sensitive. You are so lucky and so is your son and daughter-in-law. She looks so sweet in her hot pink top and her hair up like that too!!