Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guardians of a Soul

For the second year I was asked once again by a non-profit organization that deals with pregnancy and women facing a difficult decision of pregnancy.

This organization provides women and men with accurate up-to-date information in order to make informed decisions about pregnancy, sexual health, parenting and relationships.

Last year they also had a gala and silent auctions to help the center and it was a success and this year I was once again asked if I could donate a bracelet and for me to chose what I wanted to convey in this message.

I prayed and meditated on what message would be perfect for this organization and not long after I had meditated on it, I began receiving a wonderful message to include a Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus cameo and angels made of flowers and as I was creating this bracelet I began receiving the message, which I had to write down right away not to miss anything.

This was the message I received appropriate for those women facing a decision regarding their pregnancy and most cases they don't realize how important that baby is in their life and in ours


When we come to this earth our soul comes with a purpose that makes us guardian of that special soul God intended to serve humanity and with that special assignment He and Our Blessed Mother assigned special guardian angels to assist us guarding our souls.

The cameo represents Our Blessed Mother with a very special assignment to care for Our Lord as a child because He needed that Special Mother’s love and care and guardian of His soul.

When we become parents we are also have the responsibility to guard our baby’s soul until they reach their potential to know their purpose in this earth, what God intended for that special soul to be and together with the guardian angels and Saints that are now in Our Lord’s place can assist us in reaching that potential.

This bracelet represents each angel is different, Like in Blessed Mother’s garden, each flower is different but yet beautiful, our soul is also different and beautiful and serves a different purpose and when we all come together creates something beautiful. That is how we need to live united with God’s purpose to create a beautiful world.

I know God will continue to work with these women and heal their own soul to realize that they need to be guardians of a soul, their baby.

May God grant them peace and success

If you are one of these women facing a difficult decision and live in the Sacramento Area here is the site and if you live in another area, please contact your local Church or a local agency that serves the same purpose to help you protect this beautiful soul, God trusted each one of us with that special mission of being a mother.

God Bless

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The WoodWife said...

Beautiful - the bracelet - the words - all of it!!