Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Sacrificial Love" Catholic Religious Medals Bracelet

I compassionate thee,
O most sorrowful Mother!
Thy heart was pierced
with a sword of grief
when Simeon foretold
to thee in the Temple
the ignominious death
and the desolation
of thy Divine and most dear Son,
which thou west destined
one day to witness.
By the great anguish
of thy suffering heart,
O gracious Queen of the universe,
impress upon my mind,
in life and in death,
the sacred Passion of Jesus
and shine own sorrows.

I wanted to convey a message of Love, Sacrificial Love, with this bracelet. I used a Our Lady of Sorrows cameo and very unique crucifix with Our Blessed Mother at Jesus' feet and Mary Magdalen on the other side showing Her Sacrificial Love because as a mother knowing Herself that Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, will come to redeem us for Love, She offered Herself to offer a Mother's Love to Our Lord and the anguish to surrender Him.

I added these beautiful heart beads to represent Her tears of sorrow and Love.

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