Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"LIFE" Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saints Religious Bracelet

When I was told by a friend that in one of her visions of Our Blessed Mother She wanted a creation with a baby theme she thought maybe a new mother and at that time I thought it was for someone else because I had already had a vision with a baby theme

On Saturday Our Blessed Mother was very clear with Her message, I had a vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe holding Her beautiful face with both hands crying and when she pulled them apart I could see Her tears and She wants us to continue praying for those unwanted babies that people keep refusing in their lives.

I could just feel Her pain and felt compelled to create this bracelet to represent Her pain and a reminder to continue to pray for those babies.

I truly wish I could convey all of Her pain but it is difficult but if this bracelet can serve as a reminder, I accomplished part of Her message

I added a one decade rosary and baby charms.

The cameo on this bracelet was sent to me by a lady that I buy other cameos from but I didn't buy any of these dark cameos of Our Lady of Guadalupe because they were too dark, but in my vision of Our Lady when She was crying, Her mantle was dark and it just over whelmed me to see how it was meant to have received this cameo.

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