Monday, August 30, 2010

Feel Blessed

I feel so blessed to experience Our Lord's and Blessed Mother's Love in my life.

There are times when doubts overcome me, mainly if I'm doing the right thing with my creations, if I should continue, is there still interest in my creations? Should I be doing something else, I know I get my mind busy thinking too much sometimes.

I know it is meant for me to create these pieces and I LOVE doing, but when it gets too slow, that is when I start thinking, too much, I guess.

I have never doubted Our Lord or Blessed Mother, They showed me several years ago, that I must work with these medals to touch people's lives and after that I've had reassuring visions of angels bringing me more medals and supplies and I have been so blessed that endless supply never ends.

When I don't have the money to continue buying more, I get a package on the mail from someone that have never met but they either bought from me, or just some generous person that was touched with what I'm doing and I've been getting boxes of supplies, I just get so overwhelmed of the LOVE Our Lord and Blessed Mother pours on me and uses these beautiful people to get me the medals and supplies to me, which I cannot express in words, I just cry, a good loving cry, that is.

Last time I had a vision of an angel bringing me a message, it was to have perseverance, and I'm doing that. Persevering, there have been some trialing times but I won't give up what I'm meant to be doing.

Today I received a couple of inspiring emails from persons that have found my blog and one that bought from me, which brings me to tears to read that my blog or creations are touching someone spiritually.

I just Love receiving Our Lord's and Blessed Mother's LOVE through someone else on earth, it's an important message for me.

I'm also very grateful for all the wonderful people I have met online and either through my blog or stores, I just LOVE every single one, I've learned a lot from them as well and I know I will continue to grow.

God Bless and thank you for reading my posts

I Give honor and praise to Our Lord and Blessed Mother

In Jesus' Name and Blessed Mother's Love


The WoodWife said...

I LOVE this Lety, it is so beautifully written. Your creations are touched by God through you and that is what people feel.

vickysplace1 said...

Lety, sometimes our trying to understand gets us more confused. The analytic mind takes peace away from what we are doing. We are asked by God not to lean on our own understanding. Every time wear your jewelry something blessed special happens. I believe your creations are touched by God too. I pray God will bless your creations with financial success. Bless you and love and peace. Vicky