Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Blessing - Pictures are worth a thousand words

I feel so blessed and priviledged to have such a blessed child as my granddaughter. She is my first and only granddaughter for now. She is only 16 mos. old.Since she was born I felt that she has a strong connection with Our Blessed Mother and now that she is growing, I have witnessed several signs but what I captured today just brought me to tears. It's amazing what I was able to capture today in pictures and like the saying goes pictures are worth a thousand words and speak for themselves. I will share a little on it.

I have a statue of Our Blessed Mother and Christ "Pieta" and she has seen it before but since I moved it to the back room of my house where I keep all my bracelets and take pictures, the reason I moved it because I had a dream that the statue was there on the room where all my bracelets are and it was radiating light and lots of other lights like lighting were coming out of the statue and was killing some small snakes trying to get in, so after that dream I decided to move it to that specific room, well a couple of days ago, my granddaughter approached the statue and began caressing Our Lord's head and she had
a small cup with her and tried to give Him water and at that time I didn't have the camera ready but was so touched by her gesture.

Today I noticed she sat down next to the statue and began kissing Our Lord, so I grabbed the camera and took the pictures, she was even caressing His feet and saying "Coco" which is a word we use in our Hispanic culture to babies when they hurt themselves, like in English we say Boo Boo, she kept saying it then kissed Our Lord and Blessed Mother and placed her little hands on Their heads like healing, I was just tearing up. I just stood there speechless and she didn't even realized I was taking the pictures, she was just focus on what she was doing.
It's unbelievable how her little spirit sense The image represents pain and suffering and felt compelled to make Our Lord and Blessed Mother feel better. Still some people today don't believe statues have the power to convey a message and spiritual energy.

On this picture is where she was caressing Our Lord then looked at His feet and was saying "coco" like He has a boo boo on His feet then got up and the next picture shows what she did next.

I still get teary eyed when I look at these pictures and feel the beautiful energy and peace I felt the moment I witnessed it.

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