Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage and New St. Padre Pio Religious Necklace

"Yes, I love the cross and only the cross. I love it because I see it always on the shoulders of Jesus. Now Jesus sees clearly that all my life and all my heart is vowed to Him and to His sufferings" -Padre Pio

I had the most unique experience creating this special necklace with St. Padre Pio.

I had his pewter statue for a while and I just could not come up with anything that I could use it on and I added it to a silvertone filigree stamping, but nothing was coming to my mind as to what else to add and I just set it aside.

About a week ago this special Lady "Sunny" sent me anther box full of beautiful surprises to continue making my jewelry and in that box was this old Jerusalem rosary with Terra Sancta center but it was broken and some Hail Mary beads missing. I set it aside on my beading table waiting to see how I could repair it.

Today when I went to my bead room to start creating, the rosary was right up front on my table, like it was moved and I set it aside, and later again, it was in front and St. Padre Pio's statue was almost peeking from where I had placed it and I just could not keep my eyes away from his statue and all of the sudden I get this surge of energy and I just grabbed the statue and the rosary together and it was just like nothing could stop me creating it. I began and didn't stop until I finished and everything just fell into place on his statue, adding all the rhinestones and I loved how it just came together, like St. Padre Pio wanted to be added to this special Rosary.

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