Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"LOVE" Jesus Cameo, Virgin Mary, Religious Bracelet

I had the inspiration to create a bracelet to reflect on LOVE and be a reminder of The Divine Love Our Lord and Blessed Mother have for all humanity

And the LOVE that we must radiate to others and to the world we live in and
I used different charms to represent a part of our life

Jesus Cameo to Love Our Lord as much as He Loves us

Vintage Virgin Mary medal also to Love Our Blessed Mother as much as She Loved Our Lord and Loves humanity

And for that LOVE to reflect on everything we do

LOVE nature that God created and loves as much as He loves us

LOVE our animals as they are too one of God's creations

LOVE the person in the mirror as was created by God

LOVE family as God resides in each one of us

LOVE your tears of joy as they represent love and gratitude

LOVE your tears of sorrow and pain as they will make you stronger and lead you to a process of growing spiritual and cleanse your soul

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