Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful Healing Experience

I must share my wonderful experience with my personal healing, truly a miracle. For several days last week and few from this week I had been sick, very tired and with really bad pain all over my body, I didn't know what was going if my arthritis was acting up or dehydration, this is the most pain I've experienced and no energy to continue with my creations.

I prayed to Our Lord, Blessed Mother, St. Padre Pio or whom could intervene for me and bring me the healing to my body and on Friday I received a wonderful surprise. It was a package with many jewelry pieces and medals from a wonderful special lady "Sunny" that she has purchased from me before and has sent me in the past other boxes full of supplies and medals to continue creating my jewelry. She is a very special Spiritual lady.

When I opened the box, the most beautiful scent of roses came from the box then another Saintly scent as well and I got chills, a burst of energy, good spiritual energy and inside was a couple of gorgeous pictures of Our Lady of Medjugorje and one of Fr. Peter Mary Rookey, O.S.M and my body began to experience the healing, the pain was less and by the end of the day was almost completely gone and today is completely gone. I cannot express my emotions how My Blessed Mother sent me the healing through this wonderful lady that needed to send me this wonderful cards of this Holy man and My Blessed Lady.

I cannot stop thinking of this wonderful miracle and would like to share the sites where you may obtain prayers or the cards. I believe I had to experience that pain then the miracle to let others about Our Blessed Mother's Healing and also about Fr. Peter Mary Rookey "Man of Miracles"

For Our Lady of Medjugorge card is

For Fr. Peter Mary Rookey, O.S.M you may send prayer requests to (708) 748-MARY (6279)

It has been a truly blessing to have received these wonderful cards and mostly my healing miracle.

With sincere gratitude

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