Tuesday, June 1, 2010

St Benedict St Michael Saints Religious Medals Bracelet

Patronage: Against evil, witchcraft; against poison, agricultural workers; carvers; vicil engineers' copper smiths; dying people

I wanted to create a bracelet with two very powerful intercessors against evil, St. Benedict and St. Michael.

I call upon their assistance when I feel the negative forces at work. I had a previous experience where my oldest son was having a difficult time with a negative force after him and when I prayed for him and invoked St. Benedict and St. Michael thru the Precious Blood of Christ, I fell this warmth feeling in the room and even my son witnessed a white light coming to the room and formed the shape of St. Benedict which he then walked into my son's room and peace came once again.

I cannot thank St. Benedict and St. Michael enough for that intercession. My son is now a firm believer and wears St. Benedict medal all the time.

If you are going thru a difficult time associated with evil, make sure you always carry with you a St. Benedict medal after being blessed and ask for his intercession thru prayer. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful his and St. Michael's intercessions are

I am very pleased with the outcome of this bracelet.

The center is from a necklace I was given by one of my lovely and wonderful customers. She has sent me two boxes full of supplies and medals. God works thru people to make sure I have enough supplies.

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