Monday, February 22, 2010

Immaculate Heart, Saints Religious Medal Charm Bracelet

I have created another bracelet inspired in Our Blessed Mother of the Immaculate Heart' love. I could feel Her tender love and sweetness that is why I chose these beautiful gemstone hearts to reflect on Her tender love.

About a week ago my daughter-in-law had a beautiful experience with Our Blessed Mother. My daughter-in-law is going thru a difficult time with her family, her two brothers killed by accident two years ago and her youngest was also involved in a car accident hit head on by drunk driver and God granted them the miracle and only suffered broken leg and wrist. I will blog more on the accident later when I have the pictures of the car as testimony of Our Lord's and Blessed Mother's greatness, she had a dream that Our Blessed Mother opened Her hands and showed her Her heart, and it was a real heart pulsating and told her that Her heart is open and to place her burdens in Her heart.

I was so overwhelmed with joy, I had a similar experience many years ago with Our Lord, Sacred Heart of Jesus and for her to share her experience I just know God has placed her in our life as well.

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