Sunday, January 10, 2010

St. Martin de Porres Religious Medals Charm Bracelet

Patronage: African-Americans, Poor People, Public Education, Public Health, Public Schools, Race Relations, Racial Harmony, State, Schools, Television, Against Rats, Barbers, Bi-racial people, Inter-racial justice for social justice, Hotel keepers, inn keepers, mulattoes, Peru, Diocese of black people
For the last couple of months I have come across St. Martin de Porres images and His name will appear on any search that I would do, but not was not searching for him in specific and I related it to him wanting a bracelet in his honor. I tried finding one of his medals, but was not successful and his image kept appearing.

Last week I went to my local store where I but most of my medals and as I was walking by many boxes they have in the warehouse of vintage medals, I perceived this beautiful scent like incense and I figured there was a special visit there and asked what I needed to find and I had the urge to start moving boxes and all of the sudden, there it was, a St. Martin de Porres medal outside one of the boxes. I was just amazed by that experience and that confirmed that he wanted one in His honor.

This is the vintage medal St. Martin provided for me, it is a gorgeous well detailed made in Germany and on the other side has the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I just love the detail.

These pictures are of the close up detail of this gorgeous medal made in Germany

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