Friday, January 8, 2010

My Experiences with the Divine

My first experience with Our Blessed Mother was approx. 12 yrs. ago, where she appeared in a dream showing me a Rosary and that is the time I began making rosaries and other jewelry pieces, but not religious pieces of jewelry.

Since then I have experience beautiful scents of roses, sandalwood, vanilla and other beautiful scents.

One night I had a vision that I was to work with medals and relics. At that time I had no idea where to even begin looking for relics or medals, which eventually God and Our Blessed Mother opened the doors for me to start my creations making honor to the Divine.

One day I was ready to pack some items I was going to ship and in the packing paper I was using I notice it had a stain and it was hard. At the moment I thought it was candy, but doubted because none of us eat candy and when I looked closer it appeared as an oil stain and in the center is an image of St. Michael holding his sword and a shield with a cross on center. I have tried taking pictures, but his image does not come out, only the stain.

I have also experienced glitter either on my face or hands, at times after I finish creating a bracelet.

I have throughout these years experienced angels, either in visions or dreams and also a Holy scent that I relate with angels in my house or around me keeping me safe and my family.

I'm sharing here several pictures that I have taken since I started creating my Catholic jewelry.

My first photo was when I first began selling on ebay, I wanted to sell glass cubes with laser images inside and one was of an Angel and after taking several pictures, this is what appeared on one


The laser image of angel inside of cube is the one in the middle, but if you notice on the bottom left there is a Bright ball of light and right above the light there is an image of, what appears to be, of a warrior angel holding a spear. I've had several experiences with this Holy angel but is the only time I was able to capture him in a picture.

Another beautiful experience is approx. one and a half years ago, I had just finished a charm necklace in honor of Our Lady of Victory but was having trouble getting the right pictures because the sunshine was too bright. I usually had a black board on the back so the wall won't show on the picture but the light was bouncing off the board so I moved it to the side and kept taking pictures and this is one of those pictures. I cannot express my emotions when I saw this beautiful picture and up to this day, I love looking at it and feel the love.


Another time I had created a bracelet in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and again, after many pictures taken this is what appeared in a couple of them. I actually have an icon picture of St. Michael with a round shield and sword in my family room and I believe this image is of St. Michael



Another spectacular experience I had was with St. Therese. I had created a locket necklace with Jesus Holy Face Relic medal and locket had a picture of St. Therese inside and after many pictures and I had uploaded them I noticed that on St. Therese's picture appeared like a white mist and I was confused because only by her picture appeared that way and I was about to retake them when I noticed that the second picture did not appear to be the same facial expression of St. Therese, I was stunned to see the second picture showing a smile like in her actual pictures.


This is the necklace I created in honor of Jesus with relic medal and St. Therese image inside locket


This is the inside of locket that the mist only appeared on St. Therese's image

Photobucket Photobucket

These are a close up of the two separate pictures of St. Therese and below are actual pictures of St. Therese to show how the second picture above resembles her actual smile and eyes.


I thank God and Our Blessed Mother to have given me the ability to create such pieces to give them honor and to all the angels and Saints as well.

I continue to have unexplainable experiences, specially when it's meant to create one for a particular saint, like the one for St. Martin de Porres, he kept coming up in everything that I would search for my other medals, his image or name would appear. I prayed that I find his medal and I did, when I went to buy my medals, I could smell a beautiful scent like incense by some very old boxes and I began to move boxes to see what I was suppose to find and there it was, outside a box, St. Martin de Porres Medal, I was just so overwhelmed to be able to have created one in his honor.

I don't consider myself a special gifted person, I see myself as a person that loves God, Our Blessed Mother, the Saints and cannot live without her angels and just want to show my love and also continue with what I was shown to do and touch people's lives thru my art.

I pray daily for all the people I come in contact with that they too can have the same beautiful experiences and to be granted all of their petitions thru prayer


Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

On October 28, 2010  I had a dream that topped all of my dreams of Jesus, it was like He was and He wasn't I know sounds confusing, because at times I saw
Him carrying the cross and at time He wasn't. In my dream I found myself in an ancient time where the streets were of dirt and the homes made what appeared to be clay, it may of been the way to Calvary I could see people on the side of the street, most cheering and some crying and I could hear the s
creaming and when I
got closer I could see this very tall and slender man carrying a cross and at times I didn't see the cross, but I know it was Jesus, he was very tall like almost 7 feet and very slender and what I saw when He got closer I could never forget, He was so full of blood and His body full of wounds, so horrible the wounds, like He had been dragged and the skin peeling off the bones, they were cuts that you can actually see part of the bones and something gushing out of some wounds besides the blood, maybe the muscle tissue hanging out and He just kept
walking with so much difficulty and pain.
I was horrified but at the same time I wanted to comfort Him and did not turn of disgust like I would of if I would actually see someone else because I cannot see blood nor cuts I turn away right away but not in my dream.  It was painful to see Him that way and I felt helpless. When I woke up I felt so much sadness and I could feel much more Love for Him that is indescribable
 just to have seen that image. We see pictures but it does not describe the actual abuse He suffered until I saw Him in my dream. I think He felt I was ready to see His
wounds now because I don't think I was ready emotionally before and now, like I mentioned before, the Love I feel
is so immense, much more than before because in my dream as He passed by me with all those horrible wounds I could just feel so much love from Him, compassion a sense of forgiveness for the people doing this to Him and it just hurt me to see all those people making fun of Him and it just hurts me now that people still don't believe and still make fun of Him today.
I think we need to re-evaluate ourselves as how much do we really 
love Our Lord? Was His torment and death in vein?
I truly wish that I was able to really convey His love, compassion and forgiveness, not so much by words but by spirit.
Now when I create a piece in His honor I want to convey that true love, compassion and forgiveness I felt that night in my dream.



On January 14, 2011 I had another extraordinary dram that I Will
l never look at the sky, heaven and earth the same way.

I found myself in a remote place that I didn’t know where it
but I would see many, many people, just walking and talking with no emotions, in a rush and I was wondering where I was, when I heard the sweetest most beautiful female voice telling me that I didn't have to look up to find Her, we are walking within Her an
d Her Son when all of the sudden I realized it was our Most beautiful Blessed Mother, She was saying that the blue in the sky is Her mantle and the earth is Her feet and we walk everyday within Her and we hardly notice Her.

She also told me to look to my right where the sun is and I was in awe I saw Jesus crucified within the sun

The sun was extraordinarily bright sending out rays of light like gold, it was the most remarkable vision and all of the sudden I felt th
is surge of energy and I just wanted to touch Him, I felt Him so close to me.
This is another dream I will never forget and will inspire me to be in love more with Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus.
When I woke up, of course, immediately I had to go outside and definitely I didn’t see the heavens, the earth I walk on nor the sun the same way, I felt this tremendous joy of be living within Our Beautiful Blessed
Mother and Our Lord and pray that everyone realizes this, we are living within in Her, She is not apart from us.

I feel compelled to share a very specific dream I had on March 8, 2011. First I have to explain that my mother went with Our Lord several years ago and I hardly have dreams of her and when I do, she is asking me to help someone either family members or people I don't know, either living or passed.

On March 8, she came to me in a dream asking me to help 3 specific persons to help them cross the line, but I knew the line was from purgatory to the light because those three specific persons have been deceased and my mother took me to see them and they were in this really awful place, it was so dark and gloomy, people screaming and just walking without knowing where to go, I saw one lady in specific, one that my mother asked me to help, she was holding on to a rosary and was crying so much and hiding, she said "I was told to pray the rosary but I don't know how", I then told her I will be praying one for her and all of the sudden the clouds began to gather and were so dark and I got scared because it looked like a storm was coming but my mother kept telling me not to leave and not to worry, nothing will happen to me because I'm not from there. All of the sudden all of the people began to scream and I heard a loud thunder and I felt like snow or something heavy was falling, I had covered my head and closed my eyes so I couldn't see anything, when that passed I opened my eyes and saw many people covered in snow but nothing happened to me nor my mother, then she told me that is why they needed to leave that place.

I began praying the rosary for those people in purgatory and asking Our Blessed Mother and God to have Their angels guide them out of there and to His presence so they will ask for His forgiveness and allow them into heaven.

On the second night after starting the Rosary, I had another dream. I found myself in this dark awful cave, it was so dark and I remember saying, it's smells so awfulin here, it smells like dead dog or something died in here and there was enough light for me to see a pile of something that appeared mud or something worse and on top of that pile it appeared to be a body, it kind of looked human and at the same time like an animal, but it was like it had been through a grinder, all body parts piled up, and I saw two rosaries inside the pile, only part of the rosaries were coming thru, I know they were rosaries because they looked like the ones I've made in the past and they were wrapped around that thing in the pile very tight and I heard a very profound voice saying "That's the power of the rosary" and I felt this joy after hearing that voice and when I woke up, there was so much peace. I believe I was shown part of what praying the rosary does, destroying those tormenting beings and binds them and breaks them from our lives or people. I still get teary eyed just remembering that vision and that voice and the Power of the Rosary.

I hope by sharing this I can transmit a glimpse of that awful place and for us to keep praying the Rosary for us and those in need and for those that don't know how to pray.



Water of Life

Last night on June 17, 2011 I had a very vivid dream.

I found myself in a very populated street, it seemed like a carnival, there were many vendors and people eating and just walking. I did feel a lot of peace and joy and when I looked down there was a baby on the floor wrapped in a white baby blanket and everyone was just going around the baby ignoring him and I picked him up, then I heard a lady that was a street vendor, told me that I could not keep him that I had to give him up and to take it to the Salvation Army and they will take the baby and give him for adoption. I was sadden and it was hard to let go, but eventually I did.

I kept walking and found myself again on the same street and again, I saw this precious baby on the street and everyone going around him and no one noticing this baby. I ran and picked him up and wrapped him and cuddle him in my arms and I could feel this overwhelmed sensation of love, much, much love, it is so difficult to explain, how my spirit felt this surge of love and special energy and this precious baby opened his tiny arms and hugged me and I found myself being emerged in this special energy that I could not let go of this baby.

I was approached by the same vendor lady and told me the same, that I had to take him to the Salvation Army and they will give him for adoption and just the thought of doing that I was overwhelmed with grief and I was crying so much that I just didn't want to let go of this baby, the more I was told I had to, the more this beautiful baby would hug me and smiled and I felt like we were one at this point.

As I was holding this baby, I was told to get a medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a family picture and place it all together in a paper. I didn't know what that was for, but I obeyed and I did. When I noticed that on the Sacred Heart medal, there was something stuck to His heart and
I had a pencil in my hand and with the tip, I scratched the Heart trying to remove whatever was stuck and all of the sudden from Our Lord's Heart, clear water was pouring like a cascade on two parts, like the Divine Mercy, but only water and the water was falling on top of the picture I had placed underneath the medal and when the water finished pouring I saw four precious red stones, which I believe they were Rubies and were set in Gold, on each corner of the picture and I was in awe of the beauty of the stones and even the feeling of touching the stones was so beautiful and so much peace.

I then heard a voice telling me to get some of the water that flowed from Our Lord's Heart and place it on the baby's forehead and bless him. When I did that, at the moment I placed my finger with the water, the baby was not a baby anymore it was Jesus' face. The face on the Shroud of Turin
I just could not contain my tears. I cannot describe my emotions at that moment, they were of joy and sorrow to see His face the way He appears on the Shroud, all that suffering but Blessed at the same time that I was able to bless Him and have Him in my arms as a baby, I cannot express in writing any of those emotions and all I can say I still feel that love and cry of the beauty of that Child.

I know we live in a very busy indifferent world and that is what it may be happening, we get so focus on everything around us that we don't pay attention to anyone else specially Our Lord, He may feel forgotten by many and giving up on Him so easily like in my dream, give him up for adoption, but He is here and wants to stay in our hearts and in our family. May you always find love and peace in His Heart and may you always find a place in your heart for His. If I could convey that love and feeling with my words, you will cry as well. I don't ever want to let go of that feeling. May you be Blessed

My Roses from St. Therese

For a very long time I have been wanting to experience St. Therese's roses to come to me unexpected and feel the joy that I hear many people experience.

Last year a wonderful woman sent me a couple of rose petals that were touched to St. Therese's Relics and in the process of my rearranging my room I could not find those precious rose petals and I was devastating about it and never to be found.

I kept praying to St. Therese and to please grant me that privileged to experience once again the honor of having roses from her.  I want my creations to be close or touched by them to help others.

As time passed I continued with my search and to no avail, not able to find them.  I finally gave up the search.

On Friday, September 24, 2011 I went to pick up my mail and when I opened my box, there was this beautiful scent coming from inside my mailbox and when I picked up my mail, there was an envelope that caught my attention and I could feel something very special inside and the scent was so beautiful and my heart began pounding, very excited knowing something Holy or special was in that envelope.

When I read the name from it was from I was very pleasantly surprised coming from Dyan, a special lady I met through my ebay store and thinking she might of sent me a medal, which sometimes I have received medals or prayer cards from very special wonderful people I meet in my store.

When I opened the envelope, I just could not believe that inside were rose petals touched to St. Therese's relics in Ireland, I was just overwhelmed with joy and it took me a while to really realize what I had in my possession, something so Special and meaningful.  I cannot thank enough St. Therese to express her love to me and use Dyan to send me the rose petals.

She stated she had them for several years and one day suddenly she felt that she needed to send them to me.

I feel so Blessed



Covered By Our Blessed Mother's Mantle
Today, while I was asleep, I had a very vivid dream, or what I call, vision that when I woke up, I felt like I had been transported to a more pleasant state of mind despite the horror I lived in my dream.

I found myself with my family walking streets that appeared to be Tombstone, AZ, I then heard a very deep voice telling me to get back to my refuge immediately and I told my husband to better hurry and get back to our home. As we were walking the sky began to turn grey then heard thundering and I thought a storm is coming, when all of the sudden the sky began releasing some sort of mist that began to hurt our eyes, then the same voice said it was toxic, then the mist disappeared.  When I opened my eyes again, the sky was already dark, almost like night and I saw how it started to part in half and saw a bright light, like a line in the middle, and then began, what appeared to be lightning but in colors and I was just fascinated by the scene but at the same time scared and I remember saying "The void is opening" and telling my husband, see it does exist.   I then saw another scene that what appeared to be grey clouds were in some sort of large ditch, on the ground by this time I could hear people running and screaming, but I was fascinated by the lights flickering in the sky and then on the clouds in the ground. 
At this time, when the people were screaming and running, there  was already water coming down from a mountain like a flood carrying so much debris as logs and other things in the murky water, then I saw the clouds on the ground open and 6 UFOs with flickering lights took flight one after the other.  I then began to get scare and thought that we were being attacked by them when I heard the same deep voice saying "They are the guardians of the planet and were ordered to leave" and again I was told to rush to my refuge.

When we arrived to a house, which was not our actual home, we closed the doors and windows and inside were my grandmother and mother, which both have been deceased for years and they told me they were there to help me care for the children and for me to stand guard by the front door and watch.

When I was at the door I could hear scratching at the door and when I looked outside, there were many cats and a dog terrified and wanting to come in so I opened the door to let them in and that's when I thought it must be so bad out there.  I then looked outside the window and saw lava  coming our way and I just could not believe it that one side was a flood and on the other side lava and was coming towards the house.  You can imagine my fear of looking something similar to this picture coming towards us and no way to go. 

Immediately I began to pray the rosary and I asked God and Our Blessed Mother if we all were going to die by lava to please make it so quick that we won't feel the pain and I just closed my eyes and when I heard a voice telling me to open my eyes and when I did, we were inside our truck floating in the lava and I could even feel heat, but not extreme heat, on my leg from it and was amazed that no one could feel the heat.  As we were floating on this lava I could see houses and cars being covered by this lava and I could hear the screams and as the lava began to go higher on our car, I could see a very bright light push our truck to one side of the street where there was nothing going on, there was peace and so bright and beautiful.

We got out of the car and there was this beautiful lady, which I believe is Our Blessed Mother since I had visions of the same Lady before, there welcoming us to this place and I was just in awe, so beautiful, peaceful and so bright.  I was amazed to that even the tires on the truck were intact no damage at all.  I then asked why we were there and the other people were not?  I heard a beautiful voice from heaven saying that "They didn't cover themselves with My Mantle" and at that moment I woke up in an instant and all morning I had been like in a state of awe and amazement and pondering on this vivid experience and after a couple of hours after waking up, I could not control my tears, I began to cry and cry of joy, even it was a very frightening experience, I felt the joy that I felt covered by Our Blessed Mother's Mantle.

I cannot express how my love intensified for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother after this experience.  I loved them before but after today, my heart still beats so fast when I think of Them.

I also pondered on this experience if its a message to convey of a warning of similar events to come or a message of the need to continue praying the Rosary and cover ourselves with Our Blessed Mother's Mantle to be protected as similar events have been occurring. 

I pray everyone reading this will also ponder on this message and continue praying the Rosary and pray for those that may be affected by such disasters and cover yourselves and family with Our Blessed Mother's Mantle and Love.


March 5, 2012

St. Philomena

Sometimes in life we come across special people online that Our Lord and Blessed Mother makes it possible to meet and be a part of something so special in your life.

This is the case of Mrs. Lidia from Mexico.  She first contacted me because she loved my jewelry and wanted several pieces made and she also commented on my experiences I have shared in my blog as well as in my store and was very touched by them and she also shared some of her experiences and they brought me tears to read some of her beautiful experiences, including tears from an image of Our Blessed Mother, glitter after praying the rosary in her home and many other beautiful experiences with roses.  She also informed me that she is in possession of a First Class Relic of St. Philomena which is a piece of her hair and she is the coordinator for MisiĆ³n Por el Amor de Dios en Todo el Mundo  Translation "For the Love of God Worldwide" with Founder John Rick Miller, this is their Facebook page For The Love of God Worldwide and she has many accounts of miracles attributed to St. Philomena.  This mission is to promote God's Love and she alsotravels all over the world promoting the devotion to St. Philomena and I have been so blessed to have received a piece of red fabric touched to the First Class Relic of St. Philomena, making it a third class relic.  She wants me to use a large part of this fabric to touch my jewelry and continue with the devotion to St. Philomena and use pieces for others that would like a piece.  She also sent me several medals of St. Philomena that I will be using in my bracelets

I feel so honored that I cannot describe or express with words how Blessed I feel and this great mission to continue with the devotion to St. Philomena.  I've had some experiences when I'm working with a St. Philomena relic on one of my bracelets, but now I feel so much closer and the love stronger. 

I thank you Lord and Blessed Mother for entrusting in me such privilege.

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