Monday, January 4, 2010

"Memories" Vintage and New Religious Charm Bracelet

“Healing Memories ” Catholic Bracelet

I named this bracelet “Healing Memories” (Emotional or Spiritual Healing) because I added some vintage items that might bring memories to you, either when you were growing up and would see your mother praying her rosary devoutly or having a shrine in the house with all of her favorite saints and I strongly believe that those memories heal our spirit because it enhances our faith and once your faith is enhanced God and Our Blessed Mother bring the emotional healing also has kept your faith and reverence and serves as a reminder to keep in prayer.

I also believe that good memories can be beneficial to heal the spirit and heal wounds. Sometimes we carry so much from the past that it’s always better to keep the good memories and dispose of the bad ones that is why I wanted to create this bracelet and convey the message of Spiritual healing.
On this bracelet I wanted to keep the good memories alive by adding vintage jewelry, medals and rosary.

The jewelry may be a reminder of your mother, your aunt, your sister that you feel a connection to that you know it will bring comfort.

Of course the rosary, always brings comfort, healing and answered prayers as well as the other Religious treasures like the Shrine to Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.

I had this vintage broach for the longest time waiting to be used at the right time and I just love how this just came together for this bracelet.
I added a beautiful figural pocket statue of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, tiny rhinestone cross and a porcelain flower.
I also added a vintage piece of a broken rosary creating it a one decade rosary with Our Lady of Sorrows medal.

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