Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Come Unto Me" Jesus Cameo, Angels, Religious Bracelet

This bracelet was inspired by an extraordinary vision of Our Lord I had today.
I found myself in a place where I was looking up to heaven and it appeared a storm was coming, the clouds were grey and dark and as I was gazing at the clouds all of the sudden the clouds parted and angels were coming from all sides, lots of angels, pushing the clouds out of the way and the sky appeared clear once again that's when Our Lord appeared with His open arms with the most loving and beautiful smile and comforting feeling and as I was standing in awe just looking at Our Lord, He kept transmitting so much love and peace beyond words.
I interpret such vision as we need to come upon Him at any time in our life, in Glory, Praise, when days in our life are dark and when they are clear with joy with praises and gratefulness
I felt the need to share such a beautiful vision. All day I have been full of joy and feel His love more than ever and I can't keep it just for myself.
I had purchase several cameos of Our Lord and one being depicting Jesus with open arms "Come Unto Me" perfect to convey this message

Crystals represent Our darkest moments and Happy moments of our life and Our Lord in the center of our lives to make them better and always with the help of His angels

I added a beautiful resin of Christ and added beautiful large brass angels representing the angels in my vision of Our Lord.

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