Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Victorian Angels Cameo Religious Charm Bracelet

This is an Angelic Victorian-Style Charm bracelet created with:

Everyone of us are assigned if not one, many angels to help us and guide us in life. God wanted us to have them in our life.

Animals too have angels and my personal experience with an Archangel Jordi, he is the Archangel of animals and knows that animals, like birds are constantly singing the praises of God

That is the reason on this bracelet I added butterfly and bird charms, as a reminder of how we too must sing the praises of God and as the butterflies always enjoying the beauty of God's creations and a reminder of those angelic beings always around us to help and protect.

I created this bracelet with beautiful 3D resin cameos with angels. I also added beautiful handcrafted angels made with hand painted Shabby wood beads, Czech. Glass, Pearls and Metal wings and halos.

I also added a couple of glass butterflies and metal bird and butterflies charms.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh thats so beautiful. what a gorgeous bracelet
hugs June xxx