Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Precious Blood" The Greatest Love Religious Medal Bracelet

Canticle of the Blood
By Saint Maria de Mattias

Come, let us adore Christ, the Son of God,
who has redeemed us with His blood.

Clap your hands, all you peoples,
sing unto God with a voice of jubilation.

For You, God, glorious and mighty,
have shown us mercy.

You have not spared Your only Son
but delivered Him up in our behalf.

That You might redeem us from
our sins in Christ’s own blood;

That justified in the blood of Jesus
You might turn Your anger from us;

That we who were separated might
be reconciled through the blood of Christ.

O God, my God, what can I render
to You for all the good You have bestowed upon me?

I will take the chalice of salvation,
and I will call upon the power of Christ’s blood.

Sing to Jesus, all you saints, and
make known the memory of His Holiness.

For Christ indeed has loved us and
washed us in His blood and has
become our helper and redeemer.

May Christ be blessed forever who
has wrought such wonders in us.

Blessed be Jesus for all ages, and
may the heavens and the earth
be filled with the praises of His love.

Come, let us adore Christ, the Son
of God, who has redeemed us with His blood. Amen.

I wanted to create a bracelet with a strong statement of our Faith and a reminder of Our Lord's love and ultimate sacrifice for us. I am so devoted to His Precious Blood prayer. I pray it every day. I want for me and my family to be always be covered by His Precious Blood, a precious gift to redeem us and protect us.

I created this bracelet as that reminder of His Love and Protection.

I used a very unique crucifix, a beautiful glass heart to represent His love and red glass beads to represent His Precious Blood.

I strongly believe that we, in devotion, pray His prayer and ask Him to cover us with His precious Blood, He will be there.

As a sign that He has heard my prayers, I found a sign in one of my medals. I kept a Holy Relic medal that has been touched to the Shroud of Oviedo and when I get those relic medals, the piece of cloth encased on back is clean and white and several days ago, I took out the medal and it has a small red stain on the white piece of cloth. At first I thought it was on the clear encasing and try to clean it, but it's actually inside and comparing it to the others I have to create the bracelets with, they don't have any stains, only my personal one. I cannot express my gratitude and emotion when I think that I'm so worthy of His love and care, I humble myself to His love.

I also used a metal chalice charm besides this unique crucifix

I found some interesting shape red glass beads to represent Our Lord's Precious Blood.


FrumsGlass said...

Very beautiful. You are blessed.

Leticia said...

Thank you FrumsGlass - God Bless