Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heavenly Father, You have sent angels to relay Your messages to us, to protect us from danger, and to rescue us from the Evil One. I thank You for the precious gift of these holy guardians that You assigned to me and my loved ones. O Lord, give us Your help through our angels to fend off the evil spirits that tempt us, that send us deceptive messages, that try to cause divisions, and all others who seek the ruin of our souls. I also pray that the guardian angels of my church, my town and my nation will have all the strength and power they need to protect us from the snares and attacks of wickedness. Guardian angels, pray for us. Amen.
If you love angels and believe in angels as much as I do, this is a perfect necklace I created in their honor. They are such faithful and loving companions that is not a day I thank them and ask for their intervention.
They are so wonderful that most of the time, when you have already built a report with them, they will work with you for the honor and Glory of Our Lord and Blessed Mother with us.
I have had so many beautiful and extraordinary experiences with angels and my most recent one was when I was going to create this necklace.
I had the inspiration to create one and I started with the dichroic glass pendant, I added a beautiful medal of an angel and adorned it with rhinestones and that is all I had of angels or an angel and I was going to put it away until I collected more angels. I wasn't even planning to go looking for them, maybe on the following weeks I would do it, but I guess they had another plan for me.
As I was going to place the glass away, I heard in my head the name of St. Vincent de Paul and had the urge to go and I just remembered that here in Tucson there is a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store and I just had the impulse to go, I didn't know what I would go look for or what I would find and left.
To my surprise, I found the rest of the angels in my necklace, all the broaches, including the angel on front of cameo, which I tought it was so wonderful to be able to find them all in one place, even the cashier mention that was strange they had so many angels.
I guess it was meant for me to finish this necklace in their honor as well in the honor of St. Jude and Infant of Prague, everything just came together the same day and I'm so pleased with the result and my beautiful experience.

I just love this little angel, so whimsical, but yet so peaceful

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