Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Catholic Medals Necklace


She was with child because she wore the Aztec Maternity Belt.

In 1531 a "Lady from Heaven" appeared to a poor Indian at Tepeyac, a hill northwest of Mexico City; she identified herself as the Mother of the True God, instructed him to have the bishop build a temple on the site and left an image of herself imprinted miraculously on his tilma, a poor quality cactus-cloth, which should have deteriorated in 20 years but shows no sign of decay 474 years later and still defies all scientific explanations of its origin
I created this necklace in honor of Our most humble Lady of Guadalupe using this beautiful pendant. Her picture is encased in glass and soldered together to give it a very unique finish.
To the necklace I added stabilized turquoise and a large coral bead.
Catholic medals include St. Theresa, St. Benedict, St. Francis Cabrini, Archangel St. Raphael and others.

This is a close up of the beautiful pendant.

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