Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Divine Child, Saints, Religious Medals Charm Bracelet


Remember, oh sweetest Child Jesus, that you said to the Venerable Margaret of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and through her, to all your devotees, these so consoling words for our poor overwhelmed and suffering mankind: "Everything that you want to request, ask for it through the merits of my infancy and nothing will be denied to you". Full of trust in You, oh Jesus! Who are truth itself, I come to present my necessities.

Help me lead an authentic Christian life, to obtain a happy eternity. By the infinite merits of your incarnation and your childhood, grant me the grace that I am requesting of you (here state the requested grace). I commit myself to you, oh Omnipotent Child, confident that you will heed my plea and will fortify me in hope. Amen.

I created this bracelet in honor of Child Jesus "Divine Child" using a very unique figural medal of Divine Child encased in glass.

I used many other Catholic medals as well including St. Theresa, Mother Theresa, St. John of God, St. Benedict, Archangel St. Raphael, St. Padre Pio, Sorrowful Mother and a unique Our Lady of La Salette Crucifix and others.

I added amber color glass beads and beautiful lampwork beads

This is a close up of the unique figural medal of Divine Child Jesus

Our Lady of La Salette Crucifix. The following information is from a description from an account on the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette describing the crucifix (The Holy Virgin had a most pretty cross hanging round Her neck. This cross seemed golden, (I say golden rather than gold-plated, for I have sometimes seen objects which were golden with varying shades of gold, which had a much more beautiful effect on my eyes than simple gold-plate). On this shining, beautiful cross, there was a Christ, it was Our Lord on the Cross. Near both ends of the cross there was a hammer, and at the other end, a pair of tongs. The Christ was skin-coloured, but He shone dazzling; and the light shone forth from his holy body seemed like brightly shining darts which pierced my heart with the desire to melt inside Him. At times, the Christ appeared to be dead. His head was bent forward and His body seemed to give way, as if about to fall, had He not been held back by the nails which held him to the Cross.)

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